Kim Kardashian Is Bored Of Social Media, Here's 7 Ways She Could Get Un-Bored

I guess Kim Kardashian is officially so over he fact that Keek is never going to happen, like, ever. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and future Mrs. Kanye West tweeted to her nearly 19 million followers earlier today asking for suggestions as to which "other cool social media sites" (after she tweeted in defense of her eBay auction for the Philippines) she should join because she's so bored of every other platform she's currently on. She must have a lot of down time while she travels with Kanye on his Yeezus tour in between baby North's nap times and her hang out sessions with Roberto Cavalli, basketball wives, and supermodels. How could one be bored of social media when they have over 16,000 tweets and belong to just about every other social networking site currently on the internet — including the infamous Apparently anything's possible when you're a Kardashian.

So what's there to be bored about, Kimmy? The reality star has enough accounts that she'd never have to look at the same one two days in a row. And in our opinion, there's plenty you can do with the accounts you already have to make your internet presence exciting again! (Just like when Ray J leaked your sex tape!) For someone with a huge fan base and who's supposed to be great at PR, you're not optimizing your cyberspace footprint, Kim, but don't worry because we've got your back.


1) Kim's got 11 boards and 288 pins but no wedding board. I thought Pinterest accounts came automatically with wedding boards built in or that they were at least required by the site to open an account. Considering she's planning what's sure to be the wedding of the century (sorry Will and Kate), it might be a fun and definitely smart way to make her life more interesting if she spent hours pinning pictures of wedding gowns and venues to her special board that would probably be titled "My Dream Wedding To Yeezus".

2) There's a whole world of Pinterest pins featuring wildly fashionably babies, inspiration for dressing your future child, and fun DIYs. Why not start a board for her own fashionable baby? "Cute Things For My Cute Nori" has a nice ring to it.


Again, she could make an account for Nori. People set up Instagram accounts for their pets all the time, so why not make an account specifically for showcasing photos of baby North West with her famous and fashionable friends. She's already been pictured with Riccardo Tisci and Jeff Koons at Art Basel in Miami, FL (pictured below). The Kardashian fans of the world would obviously follow the account in a heartbeat because that baby is so damn cute and no one can resist an adorable baby.


Stop trying to make Keek happen, it's never going to happen. Seriously, Kardashian family, give up on Keek and just join the dark side — Vine. Kim never posts any videos to her Instagram account so why not start a Vine? For the legions of KUWTK devotees, a sneak peek behind the scenes on a platform that they actually belong will make them swarm like moths to a flame. If nothing else, it'd be a great way to get Kim out of whatever contract she has with Keek.


Twitter is not just for tweeting the links to your Instagram pictures and Keek videos, Kim, or for only posting when you're pissed about people calling you a bad parent and philanthropist. You're moving in the right direction asking people for help with social media sites, you need to do more of that. Tweet about you and not about DASH and the Kardashian Kollection. You're traveling to a new place constantly, you're a new mom, you have a fun life — tweet about that. You're not a promo machine, you're a person and for celebrities, Twitter lets you be a person.

You've got everything you need to get un-bored of social media already in your hands, Kim Kardashian, and we all know you're good at promoting things so try promoting yourself.

Image: KimKardashian/Instagram