Are You the Gretchen Wieners Of Your Friend Group?

The '80s gave us Heathers, the '90s gave us Clueless, and the '00s gave us the instant classic, Mean Girls. Even though the film came out more than 10 years ago, it still remains one of the best teen comedies ever created. Not only was the movie itself super funny and quotable, but the characters portrayed within the film represent realistic stereotypes in various high schools across the country. We have all dealt with the awkward new kid and the artsy best friend, but nothing was more spot on than The Plastics — the most popular girls in school. Each girl had their own persona, but my personal favorite was Gretchen Wieners. In fact, I think being the Gretchen Wieners of your friend group is the highest honor one could achieve.

She is quite literally my favorite Mean Girl, and it's not just because of her amazing hair full of secrets. As Regina George's right hand woman, she is a bit of an underdog. She tries to be a good friend, but most times she ends up getting thrown under the bus. Sure, she is a bit superficial at times, but all she really wants is to be well-liked. If you agree with anything I am saying right now, then, odds are, you are probably Gretchen Wieners of your friend group.

1. Argyle Sweaters Are Your Jam

One thing about Gretchen is that she definitely has strong sweater game. I can totally appreciate the fact that she knows how to rock this classic pattern.

2. You're Ahead Of Your Time

You always know the biggest fads and trends before they become popular. Like slang from England? You got that covered.

3. Underrated Is Your Middle Name

You may know the trends ahead of time, but you're never the one to start them. Sometimes you just feel like people take you for granted, and that is so unfair, right?

4. Loyalty Is Your Motto, Most Of The Time

You stick with your girls through thick and thin, but you can only take so much. If people do you wrong, you better believe you will return the favor.

5. Honesty Is Always Key

People may take your self-assurance as vanity, but you just can't change who you are. You tell it like it is, and, if people have a problem with that, oh well.

6. Likability Matters To You

Some may see it as superficial, but you really do just want to be well-liked. You hate when people are mad at you, and you always want to make a good impression.

7. You're An Onion With Many Layers

When it all comes down to it, you truly are a complex person with many different emotions.

If you fit any of these descriptions then congratulations, you are totally the Gretchen Wieners of your friend group. Love it, own it.

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