How Will A Jury Member Return To ‘BB17'?

The houseguests are already talking strategy about who might be coming back into the Big Brother house, so I think it’s time to accept it: Chances are pretty good that at least one evicted houseguest will be coming back to the Big Brother house during Season 17. But how will the jury member make their return to Big Brother? The tradition of bringing an evicted jury member back into competition toward the end of the season is a long-standing one in the Big Brother house. The last two seasons saw two of America’s favorites come back in a big way after having already been evicted. Given the history of this twist, it’s pretty likely that it will happen again during Season 17.

Thankfully, we have past seasons to guide the way. Because it’s likely that how a jury member returned to the show in the past will be how they return to the show again during this season. Or maybe not. Maybe this year will provide a whole new way of bringing back the evicted jury member.

Either way, I have a few ideas as to how the jury member will find their way back into the Big Brother house.

America’s Vote

Considering Big Brother hasn’t pulled out any major voting twists during this season of the game, I think it’s about time that they call on viewers to decide who gets to play the game. Whether they ask fans to vote by phone or text, I like the idea of putting the power into our hands for once. Especially since we’ve been watching all summer long and have been privy to information and interviews that the other houseguests have not. Mmmm… juicy…


A competition to get back into the house is what happened during Season 15, and it is a surefire way to get the most deserving player back in the house. Whether it’s a physical or intellectual challenge, every houseguest stands the same chance of winning their way back into the game. If they do go this way, I’m hoping for some major gauntlet-type competition. Something that combines both intellectual and physical challenges to find the houseguest that is the most deserving.

Houseguest Choice

Ummm, let’s think for a minute about how this would go down. It would be a total shit show of alliances and strategy and manipulation, am I right? So as much as this route would take the power out of the evicted houseguests’ hands, the idea of that much drama going down over one player is pretty damn exciting to me.


Definitely the least dramatic of the options, this could work for the sake of efficiency if they decide to do it during a live show. Pick one name out of the hat. Boom. It’s done. Continue Big Brother-ing.

Social Media

With so much Big Brother fandom happening online these days, it might be cool if deciding who got to go back into the house came down to which evicted houseguest has been trending the most this summer. The fact that Twitter doesn’t differentiate between smack talk and support would make this tactic all the more interesting.

Whichever way they choose to bring back an evicted houseguest, I hope that it’s somewhat scandalous. Oh, and that it’s not Jackie. ‘Cause nobody needs that girl coming back in and not causing a single ounce of drama.

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Image: CBS (6)