Who Will Be On 'Dance Moms' Season 6?

Season 5 of Dance Moms is due to end Aug. 18 and with all of the shakeups that have happened on in the past, speculation is high as to what will happen next year. Who is leaving and who will stay on Dance Moms in Season 6? Two seasons ago, after a falling out with the dance studio and Abby Lee Miller, Paige and Brooke Hyland left the series with their mother Kelly Hyland. That same year Chloe Lukasiak and her mother Christi left Dance Moms as well to join another studio. With all of drama and fame the dancers and their moms have achieved, it's possible that when the Lifetime series returns, we'll be missing a few faces.

As far as the cast is concerned, we could see a few of Season 5's guest dancers join the series as regulars. Most of the current cast is expected to stick around. It's likely that Nia and Holly Frazier, as well as new additions Jojo and mother Jessalyn Siwa, Kalani Hilliker and her mom Kira Girard, as well as Kendall and her mom Jill Vertes will all return for Season 6. Although a few of them have outside projects, the show factors heavily into their lives. I can't see them quitting any time soon. However, I would guess that Melissa Ziegler might be too busy with her daughter Maddie Ziegler's dance and modeling career to return to the show, even though her other daughter Mackenzie was also a dancer on Season 5.

Maddie, herself, has cast doubt on her return, telling MTV Australia, “I’m not sure what’s going to happen for Season 6. I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not, so it just depends."

It has also been heavily rumored that Abby Lee Miller herself would leave Dance Moms after she made some comments about contracts and her own success that aroused suspicions regarding her return. Would the show even go on without her? Would Lifetime choose to follow the remaining dancers and their moms, or find a new fearless leader and a new cast altogether? There are plenty of guest dancers and other studios who could fill out a new series if necessary. However, since the show is already casting for Season 6 and Miller posted about the auditions on Instagram, it seems those rumors may be unfounded. The casting itself doesn't necessarily point to any departures, as new dancers and their moms are added all the time.

Basically, fans of Dance Moms will have to watch the finale to see if any of the drama boils over into someone quitting the show. A big twist at the end of Season 5 could certainly explain why all of the Season 6 has been so ambiguous. But, whoever sticks around for Season 6, it's sure to be just as dramatic and fun as all those before it. Now, if only Lifetime would give us a premiere date!