Is Chris Bukowski Single? The ‘Bachelor In Paradise' Star Has Certainly Searched For Love Enough Times

You can never tell if Bachelor super-contestant Chris Bukowski is being serious or if he's just enjoying some great big joke that only he knows about. So, since a preview showed Chris Bukowski popping up on Bachelor in Paradise for a second round, it's important that we know this: Is Chris Bukowski even single? The only way to find out, of course, is by examining his social media: Nowhere is it clearer about whether someone is in a relationship — even if it's a relationship that is a secret to everyone, because it started on a reality show that filmed months ago but is currently airing.

Since he's always looking forward to the next Bachelor show (he's been on five including the second BiP stint), his love track record is pretty terrible. He's never had a successful relationship on one of these shows, and even his brief fling with Elise Mosca, where he convinced her to leave Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 and come back with him to Chicago, ended quickly. And, yet, it's just like Bukowski to be a trickster — maybe he's finally found love on BiP round two, so he's loudly insisting the exact opposite.

He Straight-Up Said He's Single

That's pretty straightforward, right? Chris' answer was emphatic, clear, and totally unambiguous.

But... He Hung Out With Megan Bell

Could they be making time to hang out because they're dating? She was on Bachelor in Paradise, but this platonic photo isn't exactly hinting at any chemistry.

Did He Skype With The Special Lady In His Life?

Single guy humor that he's Skyping with his dog? It seems almost too obvious. Could there be a beautiful woman from Bachelor in Paradise hiding in there? I only see that wonderfully goofy poodle, but who knows?

He Had An Unconventional Date To His Sister's Wedding

Chris claimed on Instagram that his date was a bottle of champagne and a rabbit merry-go-round figure. Yet there's a mystery woman in pink in the corner, so maybe Chris is cackling while everyone believes he's sadly single — when, in reality, he's got a new brunette GF.

He Tweeted This Around The Time Of Bachelor In Paradise Filming

Of course, this comes across as another joke, but maybe Chris was being serious. He sent this out in June, which is when BiP filming was briefly in session. Maybe he really was genuinely looking for a girlfriend.

His First Message Back Didn't Inspire Much Confidence

After a break of a few weeks on Instagram, Chris posted this cynical quote from a fellow Bukowski. Doesn't sound like the lovey-dovey ramblings of someone who met the love of their life just weeks earlier.

He Swore Off Dating Shows... Or, At Least Finding Love On Them

Not sure why the Dallas airport would be Chris' choice for a new place to look for love, but sounds like he might have finally transitioned away from looking for love on shows like The Bachelorette (twice), Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise. And, really, that might be the best thing for everyone involved.