Would The Twins Split The Prize Money If They Win ‘Big Brother 17’? Is That Even Allowed?

Sometimes I can’t help but think of the Big Brother house as a smaller, more colorful version of The Hunger Games. Except, instead of dying, the players go on to live in cushy hotel rooms and jury houses for the rest of the game, so it's like 10 billion times better. Still, no matter how close any of the houseguests become, there’s a little voice in the back of my head that always wants to warn them, “Only one of you is getting out of here alive.” Especially when it comes to the twins, Julia and Liz. Family must make the ultimate ally, right? Sure — but what about when there can only be one winner? That's when The Hunger Games comparisons come in...

Think about it: What is their plan if they both make it to the final two? Do they have one twin in mind to actually win? Or is their ultimate plan to split the money, no matter who takes home the prize? And, if that’s the case, is that even possible?

First of all, I’m sure it’s totally possible for Liz and Julia to split the prize money. I mean, the money is theirs once they’re out of the house, so how they choose to divvy it up or not is totally up to them. It’s not like Big Brother is a bank that only allows for certain uses of the prize money. (Although that would be very 1984/Big Brother-y of them.) There's no reason why it wouldn't be possible for one winner to split the money with another houseguest — and the fact that they are family makes that even more likely to happen.

But would they really do that? And also, does it depend on how far they get? Like, if they both make it to the final two, then clearly they both supported each other all the way to the end and are both worthy of winning. But if Liz is out next week and Julia makes it all the way to the end, would she object to splitting the prize with her sister who clearly didn’t play the game as well as she did?

Whatever they decide, it could make for some seriously scandalous drama. (Please, Big Brother gods, let the twins be the next defendants on Judge Judy about this very thing.)

I would have to think that the twins formed some sort of agreement going into the Big Brother house. Since they are very much playing the game together — they are both in the same alliances and are playing off of each other’s friendships — they must have something worked out if one of them should win it. I mean, for a while there, they depended on each other to make it into the game at all, which means that, if they make it all the way to the end, they really do owe a large part of their win to the other sister.

But how much of that win they actually give away to their sister has yet to be seen or discussed.

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