Why Does Steve Wants James To Leave On ‘Big Brother 17’? It's All About Planning Ahead

Unlike the way I wrack my brain to understand many of the moves the Big Brother houseguests make, I never have to wonder what Steve is thinking as he makes his game plays. Why? Because Steve announces every single decision he plans to make or will ever make to us, the live feed viewers. How convenient! So, when I heard that Steve wants James out of the house, I wasn’t at all surprised. I mean, he already admitted it to the world via the cameras in the house, so live feed viewers have known for days just why Steve thinks it’s a good idea for James to hit the road.

Talking to the live feeders has been something Steve has been doing since Day 1, and I have to say, I totally love it. Unlike so many of the houseguests who go into hiding and don’t talk about what they’re thinking or feeling outside of the edited clips we get from the Diary Room — ahem, Audrey! — Steve has been upfront throughout the entire season about the moves he’s thinking of making, the moves he’s making, and their fallout once they’re made. You have to appreciate a player who is so upfront about his strategy, and so darn inclusive of the audience at home.

This is why it was no surprise to me when it became known that Steve was gunning for James to go home next. Recently, on the live feeds, he admitted as much to the cameras, saying that if James gets evicted now, it would prevent a trio from forming in the house when someone from the Jury House returns. But, what does Steve mean by that? Well, if James is gone before the Jury Houseguest returns, then it would only be a two-person alliance that would form when they return. The way Steve clearly sees it, with James gone, it would only be a James/Meg, Becky/Meg, or Jackie/Meg alliance that would form once the evicted houseguest comes back into the house.

This means no majority, and therefore, no power.

So, I guess he’s assuming Becky is going home this week?

Honestly, it’s a pretty good game plan. If there’s one thing I can respect about Steve’s game, it’s that he thinks things out waaaaay ahead of time. While everyone else is still thinking about whether to send Becky or John home, Steve is already thinking about what alliances will form if and when an evicted houseguest returns to the Big Brother house.

You gotta admire that guy for planning ahead.

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Image: CBS (2)