A British 'Vogue' Documentary Is Coming To BBC2 & These 5 Fashion Films Will Help You Prepare

Devil Wears Prada fans rejoice — it's time to go behind the scenes and at a real life fashion glossy and see if Miranda Priestly is true to life. The BBC2 will air a documentary series about British Vogue. Produced by Lightbox, the documentary will provide an all-access, VIP pass to everything Vogue UK, through your television screen of course, giving an inside look at everything from fashion week coverage to what actually happens in a meeting at the magazine.

This documentary will also celebrate the centennial of British Vogue. That's right, this fashion magazine has been a round for one-hundred years!

"I am delighted to be working with Lightbox on a documentary to commemorate our centenary," Alexandra Shulman, editor-in-chief of British Vogue said in a statement published on the magazine's website. "We have never previously agreed to allow the cameras into the magazine but 100 years seems a fitting time to demonstrate what a powerful and exciting force Vogue is."

Since this is the Vogue from across the pond, you probably won't get footage of Beyoncé's amazing September issue cover shoot, but the famous high fashion mag has just as many celeb connections (Kate Moss being on the cover, like, all the time, for example). Hopefully this means we will get a behind-the-scenes look at Emma Watson's sleek cover shoot and what it took to make the actress so flawless.

But it's not like British Vogue is the first-ever iconic fashion powerhouse to be profiled in a documentary. Check out some other fashion films that will definitely fulfill your style-obsessed needs.

Dior and I

Madman Films on YouTube

This doc focuses on Raf Simons, the newly-appointed Creative Director of Dior, and his first-ever couture collection for the brand in 2012. You get an inside look at what goes in to putting out a couture collection, from the designing to the fittings to the final moments before the runway.

The September Issue

LionsgateVOD on YouTube

Let's face it — Vogue's September Issue is basically the most important thing in fashion. This film provides a look at the creation of the issue (and gives you a little insight into the mind of Anna Wintour). What more do you really need in a fashion documentary?

Bill Cunningham's New York

Sundance Now on YouTube

Bill Cunningham has been bicycling around New York City taking street style shots for The New York Times since long before Scott Schuman became The Sartorialist. This documentary shows how he gets those amazing shots.

Mademoiselle C

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

You can't talk fashion without bringing up the one and only Chanel, but there's another big "C" in the industry, and that's former Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. She's definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Nothing's better than a fashion film that combines a high-end designer with some major '90s style. Take a walk down memory lane and follow Isaac Mizrahi through the process of making his 1994 collection (hint: Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss make an appearance).

Happy stylish viewing!