Becky Injured Her Toe On 'Big Brother 17' & It Could Keep Her In The Game

The plot thickens in the Big Brother house. Last week, Becky's reign as HoH was a complete disaster when she failed to get Vanessa out of the house. Vanessa, in turn, wasted no time in setting the target on Becky when her alliance member, Liz, won HoH for this week. It looked like Becky was going to be evicted from Big Brother 17 by the time the PoV was played and Liz won, much like with Vanessa last week. But, now, Becky could stay in the game, and it's all due to her injured toe.

This week's PoV competition brought Otev back into the house, and it was much more physically intense than we've seen from Otev in years past. In a cringe-worthy moment, Meg fell hard on her side and face. Meanwhile, Becky showed an aggressive side we've yet to see, fighting Austin over slabs of butter and leaping onto the platform on her way back to Otev. Sadly, that might have been the reason Becky injured her foot. A couple of days after the competition, Becky was crying in pain, admitting she was having trouble sleeping and moving around because of her injury. After a couple of trips to the Diary Room, she came back with her foot bandaged up, telling the houseguests she had an infection.

Naturally, having Becky on the block means this is changing the conversation in the house about who should be evicted and why. The house has shifted between sending John and Becky home a few times now, but until Becky's injury, it seemed most likely that she'd be evicted. Liz, Julia, and Austin are happy to work together with John to have him evict Vanessa in the next couple of weeks, and that's quite a compelling reason to have him stay: Vanessa gone, and no blood on AusTwin's hands.

But, now, both Vanessa and Julia are questioning the plan, wondering if it makes more sense to keep Becky because she probably won't be able to compete in any physical competitions for at least a few days, and she's not so great at mental competitions as it is.

They bring up a good point, but Liz quickly shut down the discussion, saying Becky is still a threat, and she's not budging on having her evicted this week. Austin sided with Liz, knowing that it makes more sense to keep John now that he's agreed to target Vanessa for them.

Still, that leaves the rest of the houseguests. Whether she's doing it as a strategy or because she's genuinely in pain, Becky has spent the last couple of days crying a lot and complaining about the pain, leaving the rest of the houseguests feeling sorry for her.

If Becky can get just four individual houseguests to cast a sympathy vote for her (without knowing they're all doing it), she could stay in the game. Now, whether she could win HoH on that toe or not is a whole other story.

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Image: Screengrab/CBS