Britney Spears Is Officially A Mermaid

The transition is now complete and it's crazy beautiful! Britney Spears is a officially mermaid, complete with tail. The singer debuted blue and purple strands earlier this month, but she really and truly morphed into an oceanic creature with her mermaid swimsuit. It actually had a tail! And scales!

Brit's mermaid swimwear didn't merely serve to show us how sexy and playful the singer can be. It demonstrates what a cool mom she is to her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James, the latter of which had blue strands, too.

Brit Brit wore her Little Mermaid outfit while lounging in a pool with her boys. I can totally imagine them boasting to their friends in school, being all like, "Is your mom a mermaid? Well, our mom is Britney Spears and a mermaid!" The Brothers Spears would win the recess battle. You can't top that!

With her striped bikini top, multicolored strands, and her blue tail, Brit Brit was every inch a mermaid in her latest look. She's newly single and can surely attract a new suitor with this slinky look!

What a fun mom, donning a mermaid costume and it's not even Halloween!!!! She makes the perfect sea creature.

So you want to be a mermaid before summer finally fades into fall? If you want to re-create Spears' look or if you are into mermaid cosplay, you have options that don't require you to be all arsty and craftsy. Fin Fun Mermaid offers plenty of choices for your mermaid tail.

This one-piece doesn't look easy to move in, but if you're all about that cosplay, it more than, uh, foots the bill. Make that "fins" the bill. ($99–$109,

The Arctic Blue mermaid tail looks absolutely functional. ($107–$117,

The site sells all sorts of swimsuit shells, monofins for the tail, and more. There are floppy tails, too, but it seems like you'd need the monofin insert if you want to actually swim (and not sink). That and it makes your tail look like that of a real mermaid.

If you are serious about your mermaid aspirations, this site will make your dreams come true. The site even has sizes for moms and daughters. You can have a mermaid pool party with all your friends, including blue-haired mermen.

Let's take another look at Brit's mermaid strands during her visit to the chocolate factory with her little dudes.

Seriously. She is the coolest mom there is.

Images: Fin Fun Mermaid (2)