How Long Have Juelia & Samantha Known Each Other? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars Were Total Besties Before The Joe Thing

Man, this season of Bachelor In Paradise has had some complicated explanations of "girl code." You see, contestants Juelia Kinney and Samantha Steffen were allegedly total besties before the show, but then Juelia was entranced by Joe Bailey, who used her for a rose and proceeded to dump her the second that Samantha got to Paradise. When Juelia tried to warn Samantha about Joe being a skeeze, well, Sam didn’t want to hear it. On the show, it looks like Sam and Joe played Juelia, which has led to some pretty serious outrage both online and in Mexico, aka Paradise. But, how long have Juelia and Samantha known each other to begin with?

Juelia appeared on After Paradise and confirmed that she and Samantha are totally no longer friends, and can you blame her? It’s basically come out that Sam and Joe planned to meet up in Paradise to couple up, Joe fed Juelia a lot of BS, and Sam refused to hear anything against her man. Later, Sam would go on to say she was under “Joe’s spell” and tried to apologize to Juelia via Twitter. Honestly Juelia has been through enough and is probably lucky to have been forced away from Joe, even if her friend was the thing that got between them.

The severity of the situation also depends on the ladies’ friendship. How close were they? Juelia said that she and Sam were close enough to go on vacation together, and I don’t even like to vacation with my family, so that’s pretty close. To get to the bottom of this, I dug into Juelia and Sam’s social media accounts to see how deep their relationship goes.

Juelia And Sam Bachelor-ed Together

Being on a reality television show is, I assume, an experience you can’t explain unless you’ve gone through it, which is why so many people in Bachelor Nation are besties. Case in point? Juelia and Sam were on Chris’ season of The Bachelor together, where they hung out together 24/7. If that doesn’t build a strong bond, I don’t know what does.

Juelia And Sam Shared Together

On her season of The Bachelor, Juelia shared the very sad story of her late husband’s mental health issues and eventual suicide. Sam was there to listen and take care of her and her tears. If you’re not close after a talk like that, I don’t even understand you.

Juelia And Sam Celebrated Together

Birthdays, holidays, and days off from work, friends celebrate together. Juelia and Sam seem to have partied together many a time. If there’s anything that cements a friendship, it’s “morning after” stories told after a great night out.

Juelia And Sam Laughed Together

A lot of friendship is just hanging out and doing nothing. The foundations for bestie-dom are pretty simple. Juelia and Sam always seems to have a lot of fun together, so you just knew that they were close.

Well, there you have it. It sure seems like Juelia and Samantha were pretty close friends before all of this Joe business went down. It's a shame for that to get broken up over something (and someone) that is so not worth it. Perhaps these ladies can reconcile in the future? We'll have to wait and see.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell