Who Is Austin's Target On 'BB17'?

Warning: Major spoilers are ahead. If you didn't watch Thursday's Big Brother 17 episode yet and didn't follow the live feeds to find out who was evicted and who became HOH, read no further. OK, with that out of the way let's get to it. First, Becky was evicted from the Big Brother house and Johnny Mac lived to see another day (thank goodness!). Second, Austin won Head of Household. That's right, the Austwins are in power again and this might not bode well for Meg, James, Johnny Mac, and possibly Vanessa. So, who is Austin's target? Based on the live feeds and tweets, it looks like another backdoor plan is in action.

It seems like Austin's plan is to evict Vanessa, all while using Steve and John as pawns. Anyone else sick of seeing Johnny Mac as the pawn? If he gets nominated, let's hope he can win that Power of Veto again to ensure his safety. With that said, I have no problem if Austin truly wants to backdoor Vanessa. The house should've given her the boot when Becky told them to. Vanessa is a strong player who can manipulate anyone. If they don't target her now, she might never go and no other houseguest will have a chance at winning.

As you can see above, Johnny Mac is also a possibility, but *fingers crossed* Vanessa remains the priority. Also, it appears Steve convinced Austin to not target Johnny Mac. Thank you, Steve! Let's hope that happens. Oh, and it seems that Liz is worried she, Austin, and Julia be targeted next week if Vanessa goes, but like Austin said, they're going to be targets no matter what. If they were smart, they'd get Vanessa out, stat, or their chance at winning the $500,000 is going to get slimmer.

If Vanessa does get evicted, let's hope she isn't the juror who returns to the Big Brother 17 house, because the Austwins will truly need all the help they can get.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS