How To Wear Culottes This Fall

If you haven't tried the wide-legged pants look this summer, don't worry, because the trend isn't going anywhere come September. Not only should you pick up a pair of flare jeans, but you should also learn how to wear culottes. These cropped, wide-legged trousers are going to be your favorite transitional piece yet.

First off, can we just take the time to appreciate how the design of culottes is essentially fancy sweats? They look really chic and classy, but they're so wonderfully comfortable. And whether you feel like styling your culottes with a crop top and sandals or under layers of sweaters and coats for colder weather, these stylish pants will be a breeze to wear from now through fall.

Want to try wearing culottes to work? They're versatile enough to be dressed up to create a business-casual outfit. Want to throw on something comfortable quickly? Just slip on your culottes and a v-neck. The versatility doesn't stop there. This fall, you can take all your favorite seasonal trends and pair them with your summer culottes. Infinity scarves, all things chunky knit, loosely layered thin jackets, loafers — everything your fall-fashion-loving heart could ever want will work perfectly with your flowy culottes.

Here are just a handful of simple ways to style culottes for the fall.

1. With Stripes

You can get that structured look or...

A more casual look.

2. In A Pastel Palette

Those pastel polka dots are adorable.

Black and (baby) blue.

3. With Sneakers

Classic Superstars.

Because Chucks go with everything.

4. In A Black & White Color Scheme


Let's be honest, you're not going to throw your Birks to the side come fall.

5. In Bold & Colorful Fabric

Darker tones are great for fall, but...

Bright red is just fabulous all-year-round.

6. With Booties

Love the all black.

Those layered culottes though.

7. With Flatforms

Wearing flatforms at the platform.

This outfit screams fall.

Image: ejvifreedom/Instagram