Fans Have Many Feelings About The New 'Bachelor'

This is not a drill — the moment Bachelor fans have been waiting for has finally arrived! Since the moment last season of The Bachelorette concluded, rumors have abounded about who would be the next Bachelor and the lucky guy to have 25 women vying for those coveted roses every week. The likes of Chris Soules, Josh Murray, and Ben Higgins were all named by various gossip blogs as the newest Bachelor — and there were even rumors that there would be not one, but two men named tonight. In a predictable turn of events, it has been announced that Ben Higgins will be the 2016 Bachelor when the show returns for Season 20.

This news is super exciting and it was definitely the right choice, but my overwhelming emotion is gratitude that the producers have chosen to not torture us with another season of Juan Pablo — because that would literally be the cruelest joke I can think of. Unsurprisingly, fans of The Bachelor franchise immediately took to Twitter the moment the announcement was made on After Paradise. Since it's impossible to please everyone, a wide range of emotional reactions were tweeted. Here are the highlights:

Bachelor Fans Are Ecstatic

In Fact, Many Are Working On Their Applications As We Speak

Even Fans Who Were Hoping For Someone Else Aren't Devastated

But Some People Worry It'll Make The Season A Snooze

Still, mostly all is well in The Bachelor fandom, and it looks like we have a great Season 20 to look forward to!

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC