When Does 'Teen Wolf' Season 6 Premiere? It Won't Be Our First Return To Beacon Hills

This Monday night only marks the Season 5 summer finale of Teen Wolf and yet I'm already looking to the future to see what's to come for Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and the other friends fans have grown to love for years in Beacon Hills. It's not that Season 5 isn't good, it's just what this show does. It demands and receives attention thanks to its insane plot twists and shocking moments, keeping people hooked for the long haul. So when Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis announced at the show's Comic-Con panel that Teen Wolf is renewed for Season 6, I could hardly contain my excitement. But when does Teen Wolf Season 6 premiere?

Sure, it's probably way too early to be talking about the next season of the show when we haven't even seen the second half of Season 5, but there are just so many things we need to know about its future. Season 5 will continue to show us the nefarious plans of Theo, the Dread Doctors and even Dr. Valack (as hinted by the season premiere flashbacks and flash-forward when he seemed to be treating Lydia while she is at Eichen House for some reason that has yet to be revealed). We might also be seeing the end of Scott and Stiles' incredible friendship.

Let's start with what we do know about Teen Wolf's future. First, Derek Hale's role on the show has been lessened, as Tyler Hoechlin went from series regular to recurring role. But could the former Alpha make his return in Season 6? I hope that after spending less time in Beacon Hills this season, he'll grace us with some more screentime next year. I also have to wonder what will happen to the main pack in Season 6 if they do graduate at the end of Season 5. We've already seen Stiles' anxiety over the fact that things were going to change and that all of his friends were going to go to college in different places (and Liam is still in high school) without one another. If we do see the pack graduating, how will they all come together again for Season 6?

There's just so much more to figure out before we get to the Season 6 premiere. But if you're really to dying know when the gang will return after what is sure to be a thrilling Season 5B, it's important to note that every other season has premiered in June, with the last two beginning late in the month. So as long as that pattern continues, Teen Wolf Season 6 should make its debut in June 2016, likely in its last week. It may not be much to go on, but for now, let's just appreciate the fact that Teen Wolf has a very certain future.

Images: MTV; teenwolf/Tumblr