10 Signs You've Found Your Book Nerd BFF

Finding your book-nerd soul mate is one of the best friendships you'll ever have. She just gets you. She loves to talk about books for hours, watch and critique book-to-movie adaptations, and go book shopping with you. Without her, you'd be utterly lost. She introduces you to new books you'd never find on your own and love the same characters you adore.

Throughout my high school career, I was often made fun of for my love of reading. However, my first day of college proved that I would now and forever be surrounded by book nerds, and it was only a matter of time before I met my soul mate. Now that I live with her, I even met a couple more book soul mates along the way. I couldn't imagine life without them. Wow, how much more cheesy can I get?

If you haven't found your book-nerd soul mate, or maybe you're almost certain you have, don't fret. I have a list of sure signs that will tell you if you've found your bookish BFF:

You Love And Admire Her Bookshelves

Your book soul mate will have at least one bookshelf full of books that mirrors your own. You’re impressed with most of her books and curious about others you’ve never heard of. Finding your absolute favorite book on her shelf seals the deal. She's it. She's the one. Make your friendship vows ASAP.

You Have The Same Opinions On Characters

You're able to get into deep and analytical conversations about characters and their actions with them. You’re excited to listen to her perspective, and even more so when it matches your own. You could both go on endlessly over a three course dinner (plus dessert) about why Ginny Weasley is the most badass, inspirational, and all around best character in Harry Potter. Because, obviously, she is.

You Both Consider A Trip To The Bookstore The Perfect Night Out

Loud party with friends? Nah. Quiet night in with Netflix? You did that the last three nights. Wandering around a bookstore with coffee in hand? Perfection.

You’d Both Rather Read Than Do Anything Else

You both love reading together. In fact, it’s a whole new level to your relationship. You love having her there when some big plot twist appears and you need to vent. If she listens the whole way through, she's the one for you.

You Both Fangirl Over The Newest Book-To-Film Adaptation Together

When the first Hunger Games trailer was released, my roommate (and book soul mate) and I skipped class to watch it on Good Morning America, and then a hundred more times on YouTube. If you have someone who freaks out over a two minute trailer from your favorite book just as much, then you’ve found the jackpot.

You Go To Each Other For Book Recommendations

Usually you’ve got a pretty big TBR list, but whenever you need something new, she's the first person you go to. She never fails to give you a book that completely blows your mind. You always end up learning more about your book soul mate through her favorite reads.

You Don’t Judge Each Other Over The Extreme Emotions Books Make You Feel

When a book makes you cry (which, let's be honest, happens a lot) your book soul mate is there to hug you and probably cry along with you. Also, when you have a fictional crush on a character, there's no judgement coming from her or vice versa because you both know you'd rather date a fictional person over a real one any day.

You Both Fantasize About A Book-Themed Wedding

Watching Say Yes to the Dress marathons together will always lead up to planning out your future weddings. You love each other enough to share certain things like having paper flower bouquets and books as your centerpieces.

You Don't Need A Book Club Because You Have Each Other

If you aren't reading the same book at the same time, odds are you're going to convince each other to read everything you've ever read at one point or another. It's especially fun when you both loathe a book or character and can't stop talking about it. It's the best form of gossip because no one gets hurt. Usually.

You Respect Each Others' Opinions

Sometimes, but very rarely, do you disagree on a book. When it happens, neither of you jump to arguing, but instead listen to why the other feels the way she does. It can hurt, especially when your book soul mate doesn't like your all-time favorite, but there's always a reason behind it. And it doesn't matter anyway because you both still love each other more than all of the books in the world.

Images: Wrote/flickr