Why Would Nick Viall Do This To Us?

After weeks and weeks of waiting to find out who the next Bachelor was, we have finally learned that Ben H. will be the 2016 Bachelor. But, for a minute it seemed like Nick Viall was the Bachelor because after Chris Harrison promised to announce the leading man after the break, the show returned with Nick Viall sitting next to the host. For a minute everyone collectively panicked as they thought, WAS HE THE NEXT BACHELOR? Calm down, everyone, Chris Harrison was just playing a joke on us. He simply wanted to catch up with Nick before making the most important announcement of the year.

Nick, it turns out, is doing great. He's moved on from Kaitlyn (which can't necessarily be said about all her men *cough* Jared *cough), and he is ready to find love again. "My heart's always open. I've always been that person who kind of goes for it, and I'm excited for the future" he revealed. Only, he won't be going for it as the Bachelor. Not that Nick would make a bad one. In fact, he'd probably make the show really interesting. But, after hints had been dropped months ago that Ben H. would secure the slot, my poor heart couldn't take the sudden switch — even if it was a joke.

I'm really happy with Ben H. as the next Bachelor, and I'm equally happy that Nick seems to be doing well. And, who knows, he could get his own show like Dancing With The Stars or something. And, then everyone will be happy.