Is Jared Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? He Needs To Find The Right Woman To Mend His Broken Heart

Several weeks ago, when Bachelorette-castoff Jared first arrived on Bachelor in Paradise, the ladies were all over him. In my opinion, it's pretty likely that if Ashley I. hadn't staked her claim as a hard as she did during the first week, Jade may just have given him her date card. (Fortunately she gave it to Tanner instead, and #Janner was born.) Jared clearly was not into Ashley I., and Clare wasn't a love match either. It seems like no one on the show has been able to wipe the memory of Kaitlyn from his mind. So, is Jared still single today? It's been several weeks since the show ended, perhaps he's finally moved on once the dating pool opened to more than six former Bachelor stars?

On the show, Jared is still a favorite and likely has more romantic adventures in front of him, but will any of them last? Even if he didn't take a Paradise romance back to reality, I really hope he's managed to shake Kaitlyn for good. She's happy with Shawn, and Jared deserves his own happiness. To suss out his current romantic status I did some old-fashioned social media stalking, and here's what I discovered.

He's Being Very Show Focused

He's pretty invested in the show, posting a lot about the premiere, the episodes, and the dudes. Nothing about the ladies, and no Ashley I. in sight.

Getting In His Bro-Time

He hasn't made any true-love connections (so far) on the show, but the same cannot be said for making dude-friends. Those there are plenty of, including JJ(!)

Focusing On Charity

As if he didn't have the nice-guy rep down, he also supports different charities including The Tomorrow Fund, which is for children with cancer. Awww.

There's A Tenley Sighting

Let me just say right now I am so on board with this couple, even if Jared was not-that-delicate about Clare being older than him. They are both so cute and nice, and now I want them to date, even if they've shown zero interest in one another on the show.

He's Still Nostalgic

Yeah, I know Kaitlyn's season wasn't that long ago, but he still posts throwback photos to when he was competing for her heart. That's basically the only oblique reference to a lady on his Instagram. Questionable? Goodness yes.

He's Working On Himself

Inspirational quotes? Oh, we've got those here too. Jared is clearly going through a lot, and if there is a lady helping him process his Bachelorette days, he's keeping it on the down low.

Conclusion: Still probably totally single. Maybe there is a Bachelor-shot in his future?

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC