Is Juelia Kinney Single? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Has Plenty Of Options Left In 'Bachelor' Nation

Basically no one has had a tougher go on Bachelor in Paradise than Juelia Kinney. This single mom started out strong, with an early connection with Jonathan — they exchanged roses and seemed pretty set. Then, Joe came on the scene and threw everyone for a loop: He professed his feelings for Juelia and manipulated everyone around him. Joe tanked Juelia's chance at love by getting Jonathan to back off, and collected his rose from Juelia. Of course, he then dumped her as soon as Samantha came on the scene. It seemed like Juelia was destined to be single after Bachelor in Paradise. Everyone was all coupled up, and she looked like the next one on the chopping block when she tossed in a Hail Mary and asked Chris Harrison if Mikey could come back. Apparently they had all sorts of (sight-unseen) chemistry. Did it feel a little desperate? Sure. Am I still rooting for the single mom to fall in love? Absolutely.

The show tapes way in advance, so it could have already happened for her. So, now the question really becomes: Is Juelia still single or did she find someone in Paradise after all? After checking out her Instagram, she seems to have plenty of options.

Looking Cozy With Dan

They've been doing some show promotion together and she has not been shy about complementing him.

I would say they may be the next couple, except...

Ovaries Before Brovaries

Juelia and Dan coupling up would be adorable, but would also be pretty awful for Ashely S, who had a big thing for him on the show. The ladies have gotten close, and I don't think she'd try and date someone Ashley was so into. Which is a shame because, again, they're adorable.

Mikey Doesn't Seem Like A Love Match

I mean, just look at that caption "fun date" doesn't scream whirlwind romance. There is no other shots of the personal trainer on here, and her Twitter is (to be honest) way more Dan-focused then Mikey. Sorry, man! But she has plenty of other options, still.

She's Friendly With The Guys

Joe, Mikey, Dan, and even JJ — Juelia's got a lot of different friends in the cast. Everyone looks so friendly, in fact, that I am betting she'll have another romantic connection (besides Mikey) before this show is over.

At The End Of The Day, She's Focused On Her Family

But, as a dedicated mom, the only thing we can tell for sure from her social is that her daughter is the love of her life. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if any of these guys make the cut.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC