Is Dan Cox Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? He And Carly Waddell May Have Struck Up A Romance

When it comes to predicting how Bachelor in Paradise relationships will shake out, I've realized that the key to answering all these romantic questions lies within the power of social media. Because even though the couples are supposed to keep their final relationships under wraps (for fear of spoiling all the fun for us), sometimes the truth can sneak out in very subtle ways. Take Bachelor in Paradise contestant Dan Cox, for example. Though he initially paired up with Ashley Salter, Dan recently revealed that he didn't see them sharing a romantic future together and decided to end things right then and there. But, does that necessarily mean that Dan will be single when BiP ends? I wouldn't write off his love life just yet.

He may have only just recently gone on a date with Amber James, but the rumor mill is all abuzz that Dan will eventually end up with fellow BiP contestant Carly Waddell. I know the show currently has Carly and Kirk paired up, but it's hard not to notice how much Dan and Carly are all over each other's social media accounts. From flirty tweets to cute Instagram photos, it's clear that Dan and Carly definitely mean a lot to each other. The only question that really remains is… how much?

As it stands now, Carly insists (even in this adorable pic) that the two of them are not a couple, but given that the show is still on the air, wouldn't she have to deny any romantic involvement together until after the season ends? Of course, I'm not suggesting that a man and woman can't just be friends. I, myself, have numerous guy friends that I love in a strictly platonic sort of way. But, considering that premise of this show is all about finding love, it's not completely out of the question that what started as an innocent friendship could eventually blossom into something more.

Then there's the fact that neither of them are posting photos of any other possible love interests. So, either that means both of them are currently just enjoying living the single life right now, or they've found happiness with each other and are trying to be somewhat subtle about it. But, I know great chemistry when I see it and something tells me that by season's end there will be more between these two than just friendship.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC