Why Are The Twins Mad At Johnny Mac On 'Big Brother 17'? America's Favorite Isn't So Beloved In The House

Thanks to his hilarious Diary Room sessions and calm, calculated approach to gameplay (even if that hasn't panned out too well for him so far), Johnny Mac became a quick fan favorite on Big Brothe r 17 . But, despite being one of the most likable houseguests this season, John has made a surprising amount of enemies in the house. His feud with Vanessa is well-known (and shared with most of the house), but it's surprising that the Austwins alliance (Austin, Liz, Julia) seem to be mad at Johnny Mac. They've taken to concocting some odd theories about him and saying some pretty awful things behind his back. Johnny Mac's strategy so far has been to target Vanessa and collaborate with the Austwins, so why do they dislike him so strongly?

The Austwins are the strongest alliance in the house, which means John is likely to be leaving this week if he can't get in their good graces, but it won't be easy considering some of the things that Liz, Julia, and Austin have been saying about him. John may be a frontrunner for America's Favorite Player, but there's a big difference between $25K and $500K.Here are some of the reasons that the Austwins despise Johnny Mac:

The Austwins Believe John Is A Flip-Flop

Maneuvering Big Brother is a difficult task as it requires a balance between loyalty to your alliances, but also leaving an alliance when it's best for your game. Liz perceives John as a flip-flopper, believing he has gone against his previous alliances and thinks he cannot be trusted. It's not clear what situation she's referencing because the only time John has ever turned on a partnership has been when he turned on the Austwins. This, however, was brought about by Austin targeting him and Steve who they had just made an alliance with. It seems that Liz might not be entirely correct in her accusation, as she's more of a flip-flopper than he is.

John Gets A Lot Of DR Action

One of the best parts of this season of Big Brother has been John's Diary Room sessions. He's funny, honest, and very perceptive to those around him. He's also very loud. Liz, Julia, and Austin are starting to believe that John may not be exactly who he says he is, considering how often he gets called into the Diary Room and how loud he is when he gets there. Liz has said, "Why does a dentist need to yell like that?" unable to accept that there just happens to be a quirky dentist in the house who gets loud sometimes.

They Think John Has "Gone Rogue"

I'm not sure what exactly "gone rogue" means here. It may tie into what Liz said about John being a "flip-flopper," but the Austwins seem to believe that John has betrayed their alliance in some way. The alliance that the Austwins essentially ended when they put John and Steve up on the block. Is it possible to go rogue against something you were kicked out of? That's not going rogue, that's just called "revenge."

The Twins Think John is Weird

This one seems more mean-spirited than anything else. Johnny Mac is a goofy guy and all that, but he's never done anything to indicate that he's creepy or gross. In fact, Liz is in a relationship with the creepiest/grossest guy in the house, so it's odd that they would condemn John for being weird. Do they not realize how overwhelmingly weird Austin is? Are they trying to make themselves think John is what real weirdos are like to distract them from how weird Austin is?

The Austwins Might Just Be Bullies

This explanation is starting to make the most sense. It's hard to see if John has done anything wrong from outside the house, but it doesn't seem like he has. However, since Austin, Liz, and Julia are trapped in the house with no one to tell them that John is just a normal guy who talks loud sometimes, they've convinced themselves that he is the villain to their story. They're going to be in for a real shock when they see how beloved he is outside the house.

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Image: CBS