Kim Kardashian's First VMA Dress Was Kind Of Basic For The High Fashionista She Is Today

Kim K. may be incredibly fashion-forward right now (thanks, Kanye!), but according to E! Online, Kim Kardashian's 2011 VMA red carpet debut was a far cry from the edgy Givenchy numbers and naked gowns we're used to seeing her in today. Started from the bottom...

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star walked her first VMA red carpet in 2011, and in typical Kim back-in-the-day style, wore a gown that was tight, sparkling, and showed off a whole lot of cleavage. The then 30-year-old chose a silver Kaufman Franco dress that brought the pretty with so much glitter and sparkle. The floor-length gown was all kinds of figure hugging, and showed off Kim's second favorite asset — her ladies.

It's definitely a little more basic than the high fashion, couture ensembles we're used to seeing her in today, and though she still shows off her banging body plenty, her choices generally seem to tend towards showing off the cutting-edge fashion first, rather than picking a dress just to show off her body.

I'm guessing her 2015 VMAs dress will be a little less glittering disco ball, and a lot more straight-off-the-runway. And probably have the word "Balmain" or "Givenchy" behind it somewhere.

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Not that she doesn't look flawless, but it was a tad "blah" for the Kim we know now.

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Need proof? See below...

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This 2014 VMAs ensemble Kim rocked still showed off her boobs and legs, but all in the name of couture.

And P.S., last year's look was Balmain. I'm going for Givenchy this Sunday. I'd bet my money on it.

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