Austin’s 'Big Brother 17' HoH Blog Is Live, So Does It Mention His Possibly Former Girlfriend Back Home?

After his epic nomination ceremony speech on Big Brother 17, I knew Austin's HoH blog was going to be out of this world. As in, like, totally nuts. So, ever since the live feeds showed him finishing up his blog and handing it over to the producers, I’ve been refreshing my browser incessantly and waiting with bated breath to find out what Austin chose to discuss in his blog, and whether or not he would acknowledge the pink elephant in the room: The fact that Austin asked Liz to be his girlfriend when he already had a girlfriend back home.

Welp, guess what, Big Brother fans? The blog is out, and he didn’t mention this possibly former girlfriend. Not once. There wasn’t a single mention of his girlfriend who, at the beginning of the summer, he claimed to be madly in love with. I know I was hoping for some kind of recognition on his part of how blatantly bad starting a new relationship looks for him and how much it is making everybody pretty uncomfortable — or at least an explanation that would put my heart at ease. But, sure enough, there was none of that. Instead, we only got some nonsensical stuff about sound and the power of language.

Listen. I have a master’s degree in Literature, so I can analyze with the best of them. Give me a topic, and I could probably write my way into a ten-page analysis, no problem. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s how I got through grad school. But Austin’s HoH blog (currently available on CBS' official website) is such a load of horse manure, the likes of which I’ve never seen before, that I can’t even handle it.

The blog post begins:

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? I have often answered this question with the word no, but perhaps I should have been asking a much larger question… what is a sound?

What does this have to do with being in the Big Brother house and possibly openly cheating on your girlfriend? Oh, right. Nothing.

That little thesis of Austin’s — if you can call it that — breaks down pretty quickly in the next paragraph where he talks about the importance of words.

In the Big Brother house it is so painful to realize the power of words. It is all that we have. Or is it? I’ve seen many of the strongest players in this game go home because of the words they spoke. Some used too many, some not enough, some were careless with their word choices, and others were victims of misinterpretation and manipulation.

Oh really, Austin? Words are important? How about the words you should be saying to your possibly former girlfriend who is probably at home right now, watching you get cozy with Liz for all of the world to see?

What’s in the rest of the blog that Austin wrote when he won Head of Household? A bunch of lovey-dovey nonsense about how Liz has changed his life and how he can’t wait to meet her family:

… something unexpected happened for me, something that will change the course of my life even after this game is long over… I found Liz… I have not only found a showmance, but a real life romance. Liz has changed the meaning of this experience for me.

Even if Austin did break up with his girlfriend before going on the show, the thought of her reading these words is too much for me.

The fact that he doesn’t mention her at all — not even in his ending shout outs to his friends and family back home — seems like something more than just an omission. It seems downright cold.

You’ve got a lot of explaining to do, Austin. (Or, should I say, Judas?)

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Image: CBS (3)