16 Celebs Who Saw Taylor Swift's '1989' Tour, Not Even Including The Ones Who Made It On Stage — PHOTOS

There are some people who know how to put on a show, and Taylor Swift has proven with her 1989 tour that she is definitely one of them. Ever since her tour began, T. Swift has pulled out all the stops and has invited a variety of famous faces to appear alongside her on stage, including Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Timberlake, Alanis Morissette, Mary J. Blige, John Legend, and many others. Heck, during Wednesday night's show, Lisa Kudrow performed "Smelly Cat" with Swift and it made Friends fans beyond happy. Her tour is extremely popular. It's so famous in fact that a bunch of celebrities have attended Swift's 1989 tour aside from the ones who have appeared on stage. Can you blame them?

Every time I check my social media accounts, another celeb has shared a picture of their time at the 25-year-old's show. Basically, everyone loves Taylor Swift and wants to support her by attending her show, especially if that means they get to watch alongside their family and friends. It makes a great night for everyone. So much so, that some people, including celebs, have paid to see Swift more than once during her 1989 tour. Yes, it's that good, apparently.

Here are just a few celebs (16, to be exact) who have seen Swift on tour and can't help but let their inner fangirl or fanboy shine.

1. Jaime King

Seeing as they're besties and Swift is her son's godmother, I'd expect to see King in the audience.

2. Leah Remini

The TLC reality starlet made her daughter's dream come true.

3. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Ferguson and his husband saw Swift twice. Yep, they're die-hard fans.

4. Nina Dobrev & Julianne Hough

When Dobrev and Hough see Swift, they take it very seriously. Aka, it's time to put glitter on the faces.

5. Ashley Benson

The Pretty Little Liars star definitely had a blast.

6. Whitney Port

I hope Natasha Bedingfield's feelings aren't hurt.

7. Matt Lauria

Even former Friday Night Lights and Parenthood actor Matt Lauria adores Swift.

8. Julie Chen

I guess she found some time off from hosting Big Brother 17 to partake in T. Swift fun.

9. Wil Wheaton

Hey, T. Swift, you have a new follower in this Big Bang Theory actor.

10. Mae Whitman

Does it really surprise anyone else that Amber from Parenthood LOVES Taylor? Nope, me either.

11. Mario Lopez

See? EVERYONE, including AC Slater, can't help but support Swift.

12. Judd Apatow

Judd sure looks like he had a blast with his daughters — and BECK!

13. Jack Falahee

The How to Get Away With Murder actor carved out some time to jam to Swift. If you're wondering, yes, that is Taylor's brother, Austin, in the photo.

14. Dan Bucatinsky

The former Scandal actor loves Taylor. Oh, and he was also probably showing support to his BFF Lisa Kudrow.

15. Jessica Alba

Best. Mom. Ever.

16. Kate Hudson

She is also the Best. Mom. Ever.

Yeah, I think it's safe to say Taylor Swift has a huge celeb fan base.