7 Signs Your 'Once Upon A Time' Obsession Has Gotten Out Of Control

We've all been looking forward to and endlessly talking about Once Upon A Time Season 5 pretty nonstop over the past few months, especially since we have some pretty amazing things coming our way, like Dark Swan, Hero Regina, a trip to Camelot... the list goes on and on. It's good TV, that's for sure, but the whole reason I care so much about what's going on with these fictional characters in Storybrooke this fall is because I'm totally obsessed with this show and I don't know how to quit it, no matter how ridiculous things get sometimes (and let's be real — they do get ridiculous). Thankfully, I'm not alone, and I know that because I have an entire Tumblr feed of Evil Regal, Swan Queen, and general Once blogs that prove it. It's okay, it happens.

Being so obsessed with such a complex series is basically a full-time job. After all, you can't just call yourself a Once fan and not know every single thing about the show, including some minute detail that happened all the way back in Season 1 that you'll inevitably need to remember when there's a callback several years later. I have no shame in my love for this show, but I am aware that it can be a little intense at times. If you're in the same boat and can relate to the following — or you know someone who can — an intervention, an intervention may be in order.

You Have A Dedicated Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook Account Just For Once-Related Activities

It's not that you're embarrassed about your Once love, it's just that you need a dedicated space to indulge in Once paradise without any other crap clogging up your timeline. You're on a mission, and you don't need any non-Once stuff getting in the way of it.

You've Gotten In An Actual Fight While Defending Your Chosen 'Ship

Swan Queen is a crack ship? If by "crack ship" you mean "end game", then yes, that's correct. Someone thinks Rumbelle is a disaster? They'd better get out of your face. You respect everyone's right to ship whatever they want, but when someone comes for your pairing, heads will roll, because you're clearly behind the real OTP.

You Have More Favorite Fanfics Than Actual Books

Sure, novels are great, but there are so many good fanfics out there that you couldn't possibly limit your list to just a few. Your bookmarks on Fanfic.net or AO3 have likely maxed out and you're tracking at least a dozen WIPs at a time and you wouldn't have it any other way.

You've Gone Out Of Your Way To Visit The Once Set In Vancouver

I mean, that's not why you were in Vancouver, but since you're there... why not take the train and then a 15 minute cab ride to Moncton Street so you can take a pic in front of Mr. Gold's shop and grab some breakfast at Granny's? Who wouldn't?

You've Legit Cried Over A Fanvid (It Was So Well Done!)

You're not sure what tore you up more: the incredible talent of so many Once fans, or the fact that they did such a good job piecing together footage that you've literally just enjoyed a total alternate history that was so realistic that it broke your heart. How can you possibly love fictional characters this much?!

You've Been Known To Reel Off The Entire Show's History When Asked A Simple Question

Your co-worker just wanted to know if Ginnifer Goodwin was still on the show and if she plays Snow White, and suddenly you're recounting how Mary Margaret read to David before she knew who he really was and everything that's happened since then. It's not that serious to them, but it certainly is to you.

Your Friends & Family Are Starting To Give You Strange Looks

You know it's getting crazy when your friends and family have started just raising eyebrows or averting their gaze altogether whenever you start rambling about Once. Whatever, they just don't understand.

If you're obsessed with Once, don't worry — there are plenty of others out there who feel your pain (and joy). Maybe you should head back to Tumblr and find them... Yes, that'll be much better.

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