6 'Pretty Little Liars' Characters Who Should've Been Big A, Proving That CeCe Wasn't The Only Option

There's no denying that many of us were left with some pretty mixed feelings in regards to the Pretty Little Liars 6A finale. Some fans were upset by the way it seemed to villainize a transgender character, while others were simply thrown by all of the plot holes that the CeCe Drake is A twist left behind. Because as hard as we've tried to piece it all together, there are parts of this Big A revelation that just don't make any sense. And speaking on behalf of all viewers who have obsessed and analyzed over this series for the better part of six seasons, the fact of the matter is that there were some Pretty Little Liars characters who should've been A rather than CeCe.

But, to be fair, whenever a show centers around a big mystery like this — especially for so long a period of time — the eventual revelation to said mystery is always bound to be at least somewhat disappointing. A's identity has been the center of so much build up and speculation, there's simply no way it could've lived up to our expectations. At least not completely. That being said, I think the blow would've been less severe if our hooded figure had turned out to be someone else. Like who, exactly? Well, I'm so happy that you asked…


Oh, Wren. Where do I even begin with this one? Not only did he have major ties to Radley (and all of its files), but he also possessed a medical degree that would've allowed him to have easy access to body part (skeletal fingers, anyone?) and helped to explain how A was able to perform such complex surgeries like implanting the Liars with tracking chips. It just made so much sense, you guys. And yet, according to I. Marlene King, the good doctor wasn't knowingly involved in the schemes in any way. How is that possible?

Detective Wilden

Yeah, sure, he had the whole "being dead" going against him here, but it's still impossible to deny the resemblance between Wilden and the young child we saw in all those DiLaurentis home movies. Plus, it wouldn't have been the first time for PLL to throw a fake-out death our way. (I'm looking at you, Mona!) This shady cop could've totally been the man behind the mask.


Sorry, Ezria fans, but this still could've totally been possible, especially from a financial aspect. We all know that Ezra family is rich. What if he had been adopted and was using the money to seek out revenge on the ones who rejected him when he was young? And let's not forget his penchant for lying and using pseudo names. I'm just saying, this theory had some serious potential.


I really thought there was going to be a reason why the DiLaurentis family would make trips to the Campbell farm… like perhaps that's where their eldest child was staying in secret. But alas, I suppose that was just another red herring. However, you have to admit this guy was acting super shady at times. And what was with him tapping into the Hastings' phone calls? It's hard to believe that was all done for nothing.


Now here's a guy who was good at getting his hands on other people's secrets. Remember when he found out about Ezra and Aria's relationship and left a creepy message on Ezra's car window? Tell me that's not something A would do. Go ahead. I dare ya.


Because there had to be more to Wren's roommate other than his love for Hamlet… right?!?!

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