Is Mackenzie Single? This 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Already Has One Man In Her Life

On her season of The Bachelor, beyond talking about aliens and Chris Soules' nose, new Bachelor in Paradise contestant Mackenzie Deonigi was so nice and innocuous that you would tend to forget about her. She just didn't cause enough ruckus for screen time! That was a shame, because she seems like (and I’m sure she is) sweet, hilarious, and a ton of fun. Needless to say, I’m happy that she’s back on my screen, going on dates and trying to find love. Mackenzie came onto the show as a single lady, but is Mackenzie still a single woman after Bachelor in Paradise? Promo Pictures from the ABC website show us that she goes out with Bachelorette heartthrob Justin as soon as she gets to Paradise, but we have yet to see if that lasts.

When she made her debut on Chris’ season of The Bachelor, much was made of Mackenzie’s age (she was only 21 at the time of filming that show) and the fact that she was the single mother to a beautiful baby boy named Kale. Since she didn’t find love with Chris (he sent her home, along with Kelsey and Ashley I., on Week 5 of his show) and, frankly, decent suitors are limited on Bachelor In Paradise, I’m curious to know who she’s dating now. And, if you want to know who a person is dating, what do you do? You analyze their social media accounts to find their special someone. (Isn’t the Internet fun?)

After a glimpse on Instagram, survey says… that there’s only one man in Mackenzie’s life — her adorable son, Kale. I mean, look at that face! If I woke up to that smile every morning, I would be a happy lady.

There are a few pictures on Mackenzie’s Instagram of her and the father of her son (his Instagram also sports a few of those, too), but since they’re not frequent and don’t seem to be at all romantic in nature, I would just say that these two are just being really awesome co-parents to that adorable little boy. Any really cozy pics of Mackenzie and Kale's dad are from before she was even on The Bachelor. I think it's safe to say we can put these two in the "friendly exes" camp. It’s really nice when, even though a relationship doesn’t work out, two people can put their differences aside for the good of their children. Relationships are complicated, but they don't always have to end in hard feelings.

Besides hanging out with Kale and her family, Mackenzie has also been surrounding herself with a ton of her best pals, including some very lovely ladies from various Bachelor casts. I just love when all of the contestants from Bachelor Nation hang out together, don't you?

Besides her leisure time spent with family and friends, Mackenzie is a hard-working dental hygienist (even if all of her appointments aren't booked for the day).

So, there you have it. From the looks of her social media accounts, it doesn't seem like Mackenzie is officially dating anyone. She has her friends, family, work, and her cutie-patootie son Kale, and it doesn't seem like there's much time for anything else.

But, is she hiding a new Bachelor In Paradise love in the wings for after the show's finale? We'll just have to wait and find out.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell