What is the New 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' Book About? Here Are Some Details About 'The Girl in the Spider's Web'

The release of it is only a few days away, but some of you may be asking: What is the new The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo book about? Well, as usual, The Girl the Spider's Web is full of dense, sprawling plot threads that end up twisting together to make a cohesive tapestry of a modern technothriller, capped off with one of the most progressive literary heroines of our time: Lisbeth Salander. If you're interested in figuring out what Lisbeth and her old pal Mikael Blomkvist are up to now, here's a little bit of what the book is about to get you started.

It's been some time since Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander have spoken at the beginning of The Girl in the Spider's Web, and poor Blomkvist's beloved magazine Millennium is once again going through a bit of a rough time. This is thanks in part to its acquisition into a larger media company that wants to turn a magazine full of hard hitting investigative journalism into a younger, lighter publication focused on gossip and celebrities. A ray of hope appears in the form of Frans Balder, a scientist studying the development of artificial intelligence. He's sitting on a huge secret and wants to tell Blomkvist all about it, but, unfortunately, there lies a mysterious organization that would rather Balder keep his mouth shut. Blomkvist is hesitant about it, until he hears that a certain female hacker might be involved.

Meanwhile, our favorite badass detective Lisbeth Salander is hacking into the NSA for mysterious reasons. Living in the lap of luxury and finding no joy in it, her attitude begins to change once Blomkvist reaches out to her about Balder. When a heinous murder is committed and the only witness is a severely autistic child savant, the two estranged friends team up once again to figure things out. This launches the two of them into a twisting world of spies, secrets, and hidden agendas, and to find out more, you're going to have to read it!

The Girl in the Spider's Web has so far had its fair share of controversy. With the death of original author Stieg Larsson from a heart attack back in 2004, celebrity ghostwriter David Lagercrantz was chosen to continue the series in Larsson's wake. This caused a bit of an outcry, especially from Larsson's partner Eva Gabrielsson, who lost the rights to the series thanks to her unmarried status, and has no qualms about expressing how things would have been different were she legally a widow. As for Lagercrantz, he's been propelled into the spotlight and put in a rough position; will be be able to capture the feeling of the original trilogy without sacrificing his own voice? So far, it seems like he's up to the task. As for fans of the trilogy, many people seem to simply be excited over the return of our favorite feminist heroine.

While initial reviews look good, it has some people asking whether or not it's even okay to resurrect a death author's fiction, while others appreciate the work as an affectionate homage. In any case, The Girl in the Spider's Web will be coming to a bookstore near you September 1, so why not read it and decide for yourself?

More Lisbeth can't be bad, right?

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