Did Jay Z Join Instagram? If It's True, Beyonce Could Teach Him Some Lessons On Posts That Slay

When seeking out a truly on fleek Instagram experience, many fans turn to the glorious feed of Beyoncé — a woman who currently is amongst the top 10 most popular people on the social media app. Unlike the "Flawless" singer, Beyoncé's better half has been decidedly mum when it comes to the world of filtered photos. This all seemed to sort of change on Saturday, Aug. 29, when a user with the handle @Hovsince96 graced Instagram, claiming to be Jay Z. But did Jay Z really join Instagram? The account was never verified, but music executive and friend to the "99 Problems" rapper, Michael Keyser, provided some evidence that the Instagram could be legit when he posted a photo of Jay to his own account, with the caption, "Follow my brother @Hovsince96 ASAP!"

Before you minimize this post and scramble over to Instagram to follow Keyser's instructions "ASAP," I have sad news for you: The account has already been deleted. Oh, @Hovsince96, we hardly knew ye. What gives? Was the account an imposter all along? If it was real, did Jay become overwhelmed by the plethora of filter options, exclaim, "You're crazy for this one, Jay!" and simply bounce? I officially have 99 problems (welcome to life in general), and solving this Instagram mystery is one.

Obviously, we can still keep up with Jay on Twitter and by — you know — turning on the TV, but I am officially aching for some filtered photos from the hip hop mogul. After all, his wife practically dominates the social media platform, so she could definitely teach him a few things about the art of the Insta. If Jay decides to officially take the plunge and create an account (my fingers and toes are crossing as I live and breathe), here are a few lessons he should take note of based on Queen Bey's fierce social media game.

1. Never Turn Down An Opportunity To Post A Mini Music Video

We have the technology — and the option to post videos now. Some splicing and costume changes are key to gleaning all the likes imaginable.

2. Include Your Friends

Instagram is one of the best places for a good selfie — just ask Kim Kardashian. Don't be afraid to make things a friendly affair, though.

3. Show Off Your Style

All that bling Jay wears deserves its own account, honestly. Love. It.

4. Show Off Your Bae

This just makes my heart sing. #RelationshipGoals, anyone?

5. Babies

You can never have too much adorableness on your feed. Seriously, how cute is Blue Ivy? I can't even.

6. More Babies

I just really want to cement this point.

7. Nothing Beats A Good Throwback

I don't think people even wait for Thursday to post these anymore, do they? No complaints, here.

Only time will tell whether or not Jay decides to take a walk on the Instagram side. Until then, at least we have things like this to distract us from work:

Images: Beyoncé/Instagram (7)