Who Is Todrick Hall? The Singer & Actor Makes A Memorable Appearance At The 2015 VMAs

If you're over the age of 15, chances are that the MTV Video Music Awards are a blur of unfamiliar faces and people who make your cool pre-teen niece freak out. The 2015 show is no exception — if anything, there seems to be more unknown celebrities than ever before (or maybe I'm just getting old). Even just during the preshow, I found myself wondering who practically every freak out-inducing star not named Miley Cyrus was — and several times, I asking myself, who is Todrick Hall? Because despite seemingly not being as big a star as many of his VMA-attending peers, Hall was a fixture on the red carpet.

It turns out that Hall is a singer, actor, and all-around entertainer who gained fame as a semi-finalist on Season 9 of American Idol. But he stayed famous through his hugely popular Youtube channel, which boasts over 1.6 million followers. His performances and parodies are known for their creativity and pop culture relevance; one of his most famous clips, for instance, is a flash mob set at Target to the tune of Beyonce's "End of Time." Watching the video, it's easy to see why Hall's page is such a huge hit (even with Beyonce — the singer personally congratulated him on the flash mob).

todrickhall on YouTube

But Hall isn't only known for his music. Last October, it was announced that a docuseries entitled Todrick would premiere on MTV at some point this year. MTV described the show as a platform in which Hall, "the master of web magic," will show how he makes his videos, including his beloved parodies. The show premieres Aug. 31, so if Hall got your interest peaked during his time at the VMAs, be sure to check him out tomorrow. And in the 24 hours until then? Watch his Youtube videos over and over — trust me, it's worth your time.