Miley Cyrus Freed The Nipple At The VMAs

Similar to Nicki Minaj last year, Miley Cyrus has a wardrobe malfunction at the VMAs. Could it have been intentional? Given how hardcore she is on #FreeTheNipple, it wouldn't be surprising!

We already knew that Cyrus' Hannah Montana days were long gone, but this year at the VMAs, girl took it to another level. After showing up in what looked like shiny duct tape suspenders, things just kept getting weirder. Her wardrobe gradually progressed to include a bedazzled low cut jumpsuit accessorized with flowers, a white cut-out thing that may or may not qualify as a dress, a pretty nifty lip skirt, and candy dot, shower curtain-esque ensemble. None of these outfits are directly to blame for her wardrobe slip, which makes me question whether or not it was intentional.

Given how Cyrus continues to be a huge advocate of the #FreeTheNipple movement, would it really be a stretch to say her wardrobe malfunction was purely an accident? I mean, she's straight up holding a mic in the photo and talking directly to camera. Don't you think she'd notice that the giant black curtain wasn't covering her nipple? None of us may ever know for sure, but either way, Cyrus certainly isn't shy.

Rock on with your fearless self, girl!

Image: MTV