Joshua & Tenley Molzahn Should Stay Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise' So Their Love Can Be Eternal

In one of the best dates yet, Tenley and Joshua bonded on Bachelor In Paradise over food with a celebrity chef in Guadalajara and had an awesome time. But, that's not the only indication that Tenley and Joshua should stay together beyond Paradise. These two lovebirds had instant chemistry when they went on their first date together, but a few bumps emerged on the road to love for them — oh, you know, a bunch of other guys vied for her heart, while Joshua's molly admission didn't go over too well that one day in the pool. But, they seem to have overcome that, and Tenley has admitted to loving his big hands (ahem).

Joshua is a welder from Idaho and Tenley is a former Disneyland princess who now works as a health coach. Sure, it may not seem like they have a lot in common on the surface, but when they get together, the chemistry is undeniable. So far, their attraction has survived many suitors who have pursued Tenley. JJ, Michael, and even Chris Bukowski have gone after Tenley's heart during the course of the season, but yet she still seems to end up being drawn to Joshua. And, it's all for good reason. Here's why Joshua and Tenley should stay together even after the show stops filming.

1. They Have A Fun Together

During their Guadalajara date, Tenley admitted to having an "incredible time." And, let's face it — the world isn't perfect and you're not going to have a good time with everyone you meet. Having fun together and getting along is a good sign.

2. He Called Her "America's Sweetheart"

Joshua posted a photo of him and Tenley together at the Men Tell All party, and he called her "America's sweetheart" in the caption, which is an amazing compliment. Aww! He's comfortable showing affection with her and he knows she's quite a catch with a cute label like that.

3. It's In The Way They Look At Each Other

Check out those loving gazes at one another. There's no denying that there's a lot of love in their eyes.

4. They're Both Dog People

According to their respective IGs, Tenley has an 18-year-old dog named Jake (above) and Joshua has a pair of bulldogs. Sure, it's something small, but dogs vs. cats is actually a dealbreaker for some people. No worries here, since they both have dogs they love.

5. Joshua Is Always Complimenting Her Online

In addition to "America's Sweetheart" (which is a hard compliment to top), Joshua has been very sweet in his IG captions regarding Tenley. He's called her "stunning," "perfect," and "amazing" — he's so open about his affection for her, and it's really cute.

6. Because Tenley Deserves To Be More Than Just A Third Wheel

We all know that feeling of being single and having to hang out with your friends, who are now all couples. Tenley has experienced it, too (above). It's been said and proven time and time again this season — Tenley is quite a catch. So many guys have been after her. She's nice, funny, and runs her own business. It's time for this lady to find true love — and it should be with Joshua.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC