Will Zingbot 9000 Return To 'Big Brother 17'? His Brief History Gives Some Clues

This is only Zingbot's fifth season of Big Brother, but his presence feels as important as Julie Chen's at this point. When Zingbot 9000 came to Big Brother 17, it just reminded fans of why he is such a great part of the series. He can let players know to fire up their gameplay (Meg), tell them they need to shower (Austin), and remind houseguests that they have significant others outside the house (Austin, again.) There is no concrete answer to the question "Who is Zingbot?," but his true identity isn't nearly as important as his zings. The mysterious Zingbot is the only presence that can bring Houseguests back to reality for a brief moment, so it's a real shame that he only comes around once a season. Is there any chance Zingbot 9000 could return to Big Brother this season to dish out another round of those sweet, sweet zings?

There's less than a month left, so if Zingbot is going to make a triumphant return, it has to be soon. He has been primarily involved in POV competitions since his introduction, so it's very likely he would appear during a POV competition if he's got enough zings left in him to go around (which is pretty easy with The Austwins in the house). What does the history of Zingbot's time as a Big Brother staple tell us about the possibility of him coming back this season?

Season 12

Season 12 introduced the world to the lovable Britney Haynes, the loathable Rachel Reilly, and most importantly, the irreplaceable Zingbot. His introduction to the show was met with overwhelming praise, and it's no surprise that he quickly became a fan favorite. Zingbot would later make an appearance at the finale that season, solidifying his future as a BB staple. This also lets us know that Zingbot has made a return appearance at Big Brother season finales before.

Season 13

Zingbot's return to Big Brother 13 was celebrated by many, but this time came with a twist. While zinging the mixed collection of new and returning players (such as BB11's Jordan and BB12's Rachel Reilly), Zingbot was romantically involved with the Frankensteinesque "Bride of Zingbot." Zingbot, unfortunately, did not return for the season finale in BB13 like he did in BB12.

Season 14

Zingbot's appearance on BB14 featured a variety of new players as well as some returning legends such as BB2's Mike "Boogie" and BB10's Dan Gheesling. Most of the returning legends had played Big Brother before the introduction of Zingbot, and it was nice to see how classic players reacted to this fun presence in the house. Zingbot's competition revolved around his child with Bride of Zingbot, the "Baby Zingbot." He only made one appearance this season, much like BB13.

Season 15

Zingbot's BB15 was like a light in the darkness. The whole season had been plagued by racist and homophobic comments from the houseguests, and it was difficult to root for many of them. Luckily, Zingbot's return (as well as the return of Baby Zingbot) provided some quick laughs for those who decided to stick through the season long enough to see his appearance. While he was unable to drop any zings that called out the racism present in the house, he was still able to zing some houseguests and lighten the mood. Unfortunately, it was his only appearance in BB15.

Season 16

BB16 saw Zingbot leaving the family at home, and instead teaming up with Zing-legendary and Big Brother fan Kathy Griffin to roast the houseguests. Zingbot and Kathy Griffin dropped some zings that were notably a tad more vicious than they had been in previous seasons, calling out Christine's cuddling sessions with Cody and Frankie Grande's hunger for his sister's fame. Zingbot's Frankie Grande zings are still going strong on Twitter, which is great for the majority of America that cannot stand him. Zingbot did not return that season, even though he probably could've zinged Frankie for a full hour with ease.

Season 17

Zingbot's return to BB17 came with the announcement that Zingbot was "Zingle and ready to mingle!" (What happened to Zingbot's marriage? He had a family! What's going to happen to his baby?) and featured some harsh zings that BB16 showed us he was capable of. Zingbot's takedown of Austin was especially brutal and well-deserved. The season isn't over yet, but the last time that Zingbot made a follow-up appearance was during BB12, so it's safe to assume that his visit was the only zing session of BB17.

Of coure, Big Brother's motto isn't "Expect the Unexpected" for no reason. Considering all the wild personalities that visited the house this season and left before Zingbot came to visit, it's possible the final will feature a "5 Years Of Zingbot" zinging session. If this doesn't occur, Zingbot will likely return to television screens in 2016 for BB18. Thankfully, the official Zingbot twitter is able to shoot zings at houseguests past and present in the meantime, as well as anyone on Twitter who dares to evoke his robotic wrath.

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