'Fear The Walking Dead' Drops In Viewership After Massive Premiere, But Passionate Fans Definitely Stuck Around

Fear The Walking Dead made television history by pulling 10.1 million viewers for its series premiere — the biggest cable series premiere of all time. Many fans and critics alike thought the episode dragged on at first, but gained speed towards the end; although it didn't bring as much action and excitement as The Walking Dead fans have come to expect. There was a dip in viewership in the second episode, but the show still brought in an astounding number of fans. 8.2 million to be exact. Sunday night's "So Close, Yet So Far" brought the characters to the crushing realization that the zombie apocalypse is very real and that nothing will ever go back to the way it used to be. Unlike The Walking Dead, which gave us the action almost immediately, Fear The Walking Dead is working on the build, and even with the drop of in viewers, its keeping a lot of fans coming back.

In "So Close, Yet So Far" the characters come face to face with undead "walkers" and "biters," who used to be their friends, neighbors, teachers, and the kid who bagged their groceries at the store. In a world where "kill or be killed" becomes the law, Madison and co. are learning very quickly that this outbreak is no time for sentimentality.

From what I could tell, the second episode of Fear the Walking Dead had a more passionate response by fans on Twitter than the pilot. Some still took issue with the pace, but many found that the quality is only getting better. And it's clear which characters the fans are invested in. Take a look:

Fans are clearly loving it, so there will surely be more high viewership numbers to come. Maybe it won't reach 10.1 million viewers again, but if the plot keeps building the way it seems to be, this thing could break a finale record, too.

Image: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC