‘Complications’ Season 2 Won’t Happen, But These 8 Questions Still Need Answers

I like to think of USA's Complications as something of a medical Breaking Bad, without the meth or the minerals, Marie! Unfortunately, audiences won't get to see just how far loose canon Dr. John Ellison will go to protect himself and his family; Complications has not been picked up for Season 2. The news leaves fans in the lurch after the explosive finale of the show's freshmen season ended on a cliffhanger that suggested the apparent peace in John's world was just an illusion. Who was on the other end of that phone call? That's just one of the questions I've still got for Complications.

Besides my urgent need to fill plot holes, this Complications cancellation is also harshing my mellow regarding sarcastic and badass nurse Gretchen Polk. Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr was a bright spot in the ensemble and an awesome addition to the way-too-shallow pool of LGBT characters who actually get to do stuff in action-packed dramatic series like this one.

In order to cope with the news, I've organized my outstanding questions for Complications. Though I may not ever get all the answers I need from showrunner Matt Nix, maybe I can dream up my own so I can actually sleep at night. Here's what I want to know:

1. Who Called John?

Remember that time John committed casual arson? Yeah, somebody was not happy about that, and that somebody was waiting in a parking garage, probably with a tire iron.

2. Would Ingrid Stay Clean?

All signs pointed to yes, but everything I know about dramatic tension tells me that Gretchen's former junkie sister would probably have gone on to have some close calls.

3. When Would Bridget Get Dragged Into John's Mess?

Bridget came ever-so-close to joining John and Gretchen's twisted Scooby gang this season. I loved the idea of a Type A goody-goody joining the team, and I loved the idea of further Bridget/Gretchen sexual tension even more.

4. Were There Really No Consequences Of Holden's Shady Death?

"A gang shooting, you say? *shrugs shoulders* Alright, that's lunch!"

5. What Happened To Jed?

Literally, Jed was not in the finale at all. Did he fully detox? Did he get his sad, pathetic life together? Did he and Ingrid start their own home-y rehab with nice couches and Apple TV?

6. More Importantly, What Happened To Jed's Cat?

Urine crystals are no joke, and I've got the vet bill to prove it. Big ups to that little guy, wherever he ended up.

7. Was Kyle Really Gone For Good?

My head canon says yes, because that guy was seriously the worst. Go stalk another ex-girlfriend, Kyle, because this lady's husband would not think twice about burying you.

8. What Was In The Future For Antoine?

There was truce between the gangs, but the history of violence between the factions was probably too raw to keep them at peace for long. Precious baby Antoine was growing up in this world and would have to do what he could to survive.

Sadly, Complications fans will have to settle for their own imaginations to answer these outstanding questions.

Images: Quantrell Colbert/USA Network; youlookatme (2), thisyearsgirls/Tumblr; USA Network (4)