Is Justin Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? He May Have Better Luck With Love In Chicago

He may have gotten the most date time in these final episodes, but it seems like after Bachelor in Paradise, Justin Reich is single. The reality star kind of gave away the fact that he’s not seeing anyone on his own website. In the “about” section of his new “Live 4 a Living” blog he lists off his experiences, including, “Single father of one amazing boy.” Now, I would say maybe he wrote this before he went on Bachelor In Paradise, except that he announced this new blog on Aug. 25, and then wrote his first post. So it's safe to say he doesn't find that special girl in Mexico. This is good news for all the ladies of the Chicago area though, am I right?

If you look back on Justin's recent Bachelor in Paradise time, you'll see that he's had a lot going on, so I don't blame him for wanting to take it easy off the show. He came in at an awkward time, when you needed to settle down with someone quickly if you wanted to become one of the last-standing couples. He hung out with Amber, but wasn’t really feeling it. Then he headed out on a date with the young, single mom Mackenzie and some weird stuff went down, including Mackenzie joking about their “marriage” all night. In the end, that relationship didn't work out either.

The only woman left that could possibly really be a match is Cassandra Ferguson, who arrives during Sunday’s finale episode. Sure, she and Justin could make a connection, but it’s too late to have anything that will last too far beyond the show. Plus, have you seen her Instagram lately? She seems to have been spending a lot of time with Jonathan Holloway.

Of course, by the time the finale airs, Justin may be ready to look for Bachelor Nation love once again, so here are some former contestants who just so happen to be single, geographically close to the personal trainer, and possibly perfect for him.

Whitney Bischoff

I’m still fully convinced Whitney and Chris called things off because she didn't want to move to middle-of-nowhere Iowa and start her life over — not when her career is going so well in Chicago. That being said, she wouldn't have to travel far to hang out with Justin.

Christy Hansen

So Christy did not win Juan Pablo’s hand in marriage (which probably worked out in her favor) and then headed to the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, where her and Tasos called it quits on the last day. With shared BiP experience, these two already have plenty to talk about on the first date.

Jaclyn Swartz

Could these two realistically make something work? Probably not in the long term, but Jaclyn getting to Paradise so late definitely put her at a disadvantage. Maybe Justin could give her another chance now that they're both home.

Amber James

Call me crazy, but I thought this pair was pretty cute. Since Amber lives in Chicago too, I think they should totally go for a second round of dancing, without cameras this time, and see if things go more smoothly.

Justin may not have found his match in Paradise, but she just might be waiting for him right there in Chicago.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC