Is Julia A Pawn On ‘Big Brother’?

There’s a first time for everything: And for Julia, one of the twins on Big Brother 17, this week is her first time on the block for eviction. And, with the Power of Veto competition over and done with, there’s no chance for her to come off that block without either convincing everyone to vote to save her or by going home. But, because it was one of her allies who put her up on the block, she may have more of a chance of being saved than most: During the Veto Ceremony, when James decided to use the Power of Veto to save himself, it was Vanessa who chose Julia as a replacement nominee.

But, did she choose her because she wanted to use Julia as a pawn this week to get Meg out, or did she choose her because she is secretly trying to shake things up in the house?

On the surface, it looks like Julia is being used as a tried and true pawn. Vanessa and Julia discussed the possibility of Julia going up on the block long before the Veto ceremony happened, which means that, as far as Julia knows, she’s a pawn — not to mention the fact that even Liz was behind Julia being put up as a pawn. Why? Because she felt bad that Steve had to go up as a pawn last week and thought that, by one of them going up instead, they could reassure Steve that they’re all in this together and regain his trust.

Sounds hunky dory, right?

Except, of course, that there has been a ton of talk ever since Julia was nominated about whether or not they should just strike now and vote her out. Vanessa and Austin had a long heart-to-heart about where their alliances lie and which houseguests they would choose over each other — but Vanessa conveniently left out her side alliance with Steve and John during this conversation. As they talked, it became clear to Austin that, in order for he and Liz to make it until the end, he would have to get Julia out of the game at some point. And having Vanessa be the one to do might be the perfect opportunity for him to break up the twins without getting blood on his hands.

I mean, until Liz and Julia watched the episodes after they’re out of the house and realize Austin never truly had their back. I’m sure that Austin's showmance with Liz will last forever after a move like that.

If you ask me, I think this whole evicting Julia thing is a whole lot of talk that will amount to no action. Kind of like the weeks and weeks the houseguests have spent talking about getting Vanessa out — look how far that has gotten them.

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Image: CBS (2)