Olympic Gold Medalist Meryl Davis Will Headline Carrie Hammer's Latest Runway, So Get Ready For A Major Dose Of Inspiration

If you've followed the fashion industry's exceptional progress over the past two years, it is more than likely Role Models, Not Runway Models designer Carrie Hammer's name is in your vocabulary. A fashion phenomenon from her first runway show in 2014, Hammer's sartorial raison d'etre is to ensure that intelligence, creativity, and individuality are valued more than outward appearance. It is only fitting, then, that Olympic gold medalist ice dancer Meryl Davis is the latest to join the ranks of Hammer's esteemed role models. Who could be more influential, and indeed elegant, than a woman who has conquered the international sporting sphere?

After hitting a home run with models such as American Horror Story actress Jamie Brewer and Nicole V. Cramer, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Creativity Catalyst of McCann Worldgroup, Hammer sought to bolster her message by including politicians, athletes, and even a comedian. "We include powerful examples of ‘Role Models’ on the runway so that every woman and young woman see a positive reflection of herself or her future self,” Hammer revealed in a press release. Indeed, Hammer's role models are women younger generations can hold in high regard, having dedicated their lives to incredible philanthropic, business, and personal achievements.

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Davis herself is a steadfast believer in self-made glory, having begun her ice skating career as a child in Michigan before moving on to the worldwide stage. Contemplating her 2014 victory at Sochi with Team USA in February 2015, Davis explained that an Olympic athlete's goal is not victory, per se, but rather fulfillment of one's utmost potential. "Finally, while getting onto the ice for practices or heading to the rink for competition in Sochi, I found myself repeating one of the mantras that stuck with me from the Vancouver Games, 'Amazing Awaits,'" Davis recalled. "Though we approached the 2014 Games fully aware of the fragility of our chance at Olympic gold, what was more important was that I believed amazing really did await us in Sochi. As athletes, each of us is striving to find our own 'amazing.' "

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The same could be said for each of Hammer's role models, who have set and achieved lofty ambitions according to their personal definitions of "amazing." As it so happens, "amazing" is a theme Hammer envisions playing out in the fashion industry at large this year. When asked about forthcoming trends for the Fall 2015 season, Hammer immediately responded, "I love a good cape. It [symbolizes] the successful woman, Wonder Woman."

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It seems that women with real life superpowers are in vogue for autumn, and as Hammer reminds us each season, there is no greater superpower than empowerment.