Is Joshua Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? He & Tenley Might Have Worked Out In The End

The end is near for Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise and we need to face some cold, hard truths. The majority of the couples we've come to root for on this show are going to crumble once the cameras stop rolling. I don't like it any more than you do, but that's the way it goes sometimes with showmance love. Of course there are some Bachelor couples still together, so we'll have to wait until the reunion special to see if anyone from this season of BiP goes the distance. Personally, I think that Tenly and Josh are still together and stay together after the show ends. Besides being largely drama-free (aside from that Vegas/molly speech, which may have been some very unfortunate ending) they have been mostly off screen, hanging out and getting to know each other. But, since the show can often give a different view of reality, I decided to check into Josh's social to find out is Josh single after Bachelor in Paradise or not?

Luckily, he had a lot of information to share, and it all points to the two lovebirds genuinely being in love and still together. Check out the social-evidence below and tell me you don't think this is one couple that's going to go the distance.

They're Still Going On Dates

Sure, this is for the show, but if they were beginning to flare out, you can be sure that the producers would catch all of that on camera. Pretty much the opposite is happening here, plus look at all that good body language happening.

She's All Over His Insta

I mean all over it, from day one until now. Plus all of the captions are equally as Tenly-flattering, constantly complementing her and sounding completely love struck.

Using His Skills For Romance

We already know that Josh is a welder and he is clearly putting his talent to good use. The rose is pretty appropriate, even if he did give it to his mom. Something tells me that doesn't bother Tenly.

Really, Just All Around Cute

His entire profile since coming on the show is essentially the "Tenly is amazing" collage. Look at the expressions on their faces — how can you not root for these two?

Cozy At Men Tell All

If they had broken up, I don't think they'd be so smiley, or that he would be calling her America's Sweetheart.

Enough time has already gone by for them to break up, I actually have hope that this could be it for them. Fingers crossed.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC