A 'Big Brother' Fan Yelled Into The House On Tuesday Night, But Will Their Message Affect The Game?

The Wall. No, not the towering sheet of ice from Game Of Thrones that everyone is always going on about. I'm talking about the wall that separates Big Brother houseguests from the rest of the world. Sometimes it feels like the house is completely secluded from society, but in reality, it's just a house in the Los Angeles area that happens to be filled with cameras and have some pretty high walls around it. In the past, fans have decided that despite these barriers, they were going to communicate with the houseguests in some fashion. These people are Big Brother's Wall Yellers, and they can be great or awful depending on your point of view.

Wall Yellers usually show up towards the end of a season of Big Brother, after things start getting slow on the feeds. Much like hecklers at a comedy show, Wall Yellers believe they have something they can contribute to the game by revealing secrets or letting houseguests know what the outside world thinks of them. On Tuesday night, this particular Wall Yeller's goal seemed to be getting the houseguests to evict the Austwins. James, Meg, and John were in the backyard to hear the Wall Yeller say "Austin wants Julia out."

Heather Keylich on YouTube

Although it's hard to hear in the video clip, Reddit user Teaktheshibe boosted the audio and transcribed what the Wall Yeller appears to have actually been saying.

"Vote out Julia. America wants Julia out. Austin and Vanessa have deals with everyone. Vote out Julia. America wants Julia out. Austin and Vanessa have deals with everyone."

So it seems that James misheard the phrase "Austin wants Julia out" from what was being yelled, although the three houseguests seem to think that was their intended message. The yeller was lying, because while Austin did want Julia out earlier this season, that is no longer his plan. Big Brother doesn't allow the houseguests to talk about anything yelled over the wall (which there was a lot of last year), so they've been speaking about it in hushed tones. Shortly after the Wall Yeller started talking, Big Brother put the house on lockdown to ensure that there were no further interruptions from outside influences.

While the Wall Yeller wasn't correctly heard by the houseguest, it seems that it has inspired a lot of mixed feelings from fans of the show. Some believe that it's fun to have other fans trying to contribute to the show, while others feel it is unfair.

It's likely that the Wall Yeller's message won't have an effect on the game, as James and Meg are already opposed to Julia staying, and John is unlikely to switch sides. Meanwhile, if you want to talk to the houseguests it seems you'll have to wait until they exit Big Brother — unless you're willing to hire an airplane fly a "Johnny Mac We Love You" banner over the house.

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Image: CBS