Austin's Girlfriend Was Mentioned In His First HOH Letter On 'Big Brother 17' & It Deserves To Be Re-Visited

There are a lot of perks to winning Head of Household on Big Brother. You get to decide nominations for the week, a fancy private bedroom and bathroom, a basket of treats, and a letter from a loved one. After winning an early competition on Big Brother 17, Austin's HOH letter mentioned his girlfriend, as it told him how missed he was by her, his family, and his dogs. But Austin's second HoH letter from a few weeks later made no mention of his girlfriend, which seemed to reflect how his relationship with Liz has grown over the course of the summer. Recently, James found Austin's first letter lying around and it's as good an opportunity as ever to revisit the infamous "girlfriend letter" and see what about Austin's personality can be determined from it.

Austin's letter came from his parents and addressed, among other things, how missed he was at home. He has referred to himself as a very emotional person, so it's no surprise that he comes from a very loving family. Their second HoH letter to him made no mention of his girlfriend and ended with further declarations of love and support. While Austin's parents continue to be supportive, it's likely that his ex-girlfriend is not supportive of his decision to pursue and then date Liz on national television.

Austin's HoH letter, including some personal touches he added when reading it aloud, says:

Dear Austin,Never thought you'd make it here today. Good job on your HOH victory. Please try to stay as long as possible because we're all thinking about renting out your room [Laughter]. And, try to win some money, you're going to need it [Laughter].

Austin's parents were joking when they said "please try to stay as long as possible," but his personality in the house has made others wish he would stay away for a long time as well. Another joke they include is "try to win some money, you're going to need it." However, if Austin's plans are to return to the WWE and find fame courtesy of Big Brother, he will probably need some prize money to support his goals of re-entering the entertainment industry.

Eli [my brother] has been training Jordan and he's up to a 80lb max on his bench. We're all following your workout routines and taking good care of your gymnastics rings.

Austin is almost always working out, and has designed routines for other houseguests. He even designed a workout regime for Johnny Mac designed to tire him out and make competitions difficult for him.

Toby and Clyde [the little doggies] miss your big scratches, and party time isn't the same without you. Seriously, you are doing a great job and we are all proud of you. Stay positive and know we are all supporting you.

OK, there are no jokes to be made about Austin's dogs missing him, I'm sure they sincerely do.

Niki is coming home soon [That's my sister, up, uh, north]. Jen sends her love and misses you very much [Oh my girlfriend is still...]

When reading his HoH letter, he sounded surprised to hear from his girlfriend (Jen). Austin and Liz hadn't started getting especially close at this point in the game, but Austin was clearly thinking about straying from his girlfriend at that point.

Hang in there, much love from all of us.XOXOXO.

Austin seems to have been gifted with a very supportive, loving family. This is good because when he leaves the house, he will soon discover that the fans don't care for him nearly as much as he would hope. But with a lovely family and two nice dogs waiting for you at home, who cares if the fans like you? He still shouldn't have cheated on his girlfriend, but as Austin said in his nomination speech: "Victims aren't we all?"

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Image: CBS