Which ‘Big Brother 17’ Houseguests Should Return For All-Stars? It’s Been Much Too Long Since The Last One

It’s been nine years since we last saw an episode of Big Brother All-Stars . Since then, it has been business as usual for the show, with a new cast of Big Brother houseguests arriving at the Big Brother house every summer. Doesn’t this mean it’s totally time for another All-Stars season? Especially after Season 17, where there have been so many big personalities and huge game moves — can you imagine if someone of these players came back for a second season? I can, and I do, all the time. In fact, there are a lot of Season 17 houseguests who I would love to see return for Big Brother All-Stars .

First of all, can we seriously make another All-Stars happen? Like, ASAP? The fact that there hasn’t been one since Season 7 means it’s been way too long. Not to mention the fact that it makes the game so much more fun when there are people playing it that you already know and already love (or hate, as the case may be). Plus, there’s the fact that these are people who have already spent time in the Big Brother house and have probably learned a thing or two about what it takes to stay there. That means you have stronger, more liked players. What’s not to love about that?

As for who should come back for the All-Stars season, I’m voting for the biggest personalities in the house. I’m not sure if that’s how it actually works — the last time they had an all-star season, America chose from a group of twenty previous houseguests to get their sixteen — but whether or not America would have a say in who gets to be on All-Stars, it would bode well for the success of the season if they brought back the houseguests who created the most buzz.

Basically, they need to bring back everyone who played the game and played it hard. Because the best part about All-Stars is seeing what the houseguests choose to do differently during their second time around.

When it comes to Season 17, that, in other words, means Shelli and Clay. Can’t you see them coming into the house after having confronted the reality of dating outside of the house? They’d be all bitter and jaded and, I’m guessing, not together. (What? Like you really believe they are going to last after that weird hug/nuzzle Clay gave Meg? Pssh.)

Also Da’Vonne, for sure. That girl did not get nearly enough time in the Big Brother house, and you know she’d have a big game to play if she were ever allowed back in. And Jason. And Audrey. (Honestly, I’m such a huge fan of Season 17 that I wouldn’t be mad at all if they brought back the entire cast for a re-do. Now that would make for an interesting season.)

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