6 Times Julia From 'Big Brother 17' Was The Smartest Person In The House

As soon as this season of Big Brother began and there was mention of twins playing, there were a lot of fans who didn't expect the sisters to make it very far in the game. Well, Liz and Julia have definitely proved all those naysayers wrong, because there's a pretty good chance one of them could take home the $500,000. After all, they're still in the BB house and have one of the strongest alliances. But, I'm not hear to discuss Liz and Julia's game play. There's been so much focus on Liz and Austin (excuse me, I mean Liztin), that Julia from Big Brother 17 is getting overshadowed. It's time we focus on her game play and all the smart moves Julia's made in the house, thus far.

You might be thinking, "Julia's made moves?" Yes, she absolutely has. You might look at Liz as the so-called stronger and more powerful sister, but Julia is a smart player, who has a different strategy than her sister, aka the twin who decided to enter a showmance on reality TV.

Here are six smart moves Julia's made that prove she could easily become the champion.

1. When She Kept The Twin Thing Under Wraps

It has to be really to hard to swap places with your twin and try convince everyone you're someone you aren't. Well, Julia did an awesome job at this — especially considering she had to pretend to be Liz, not the other way around — you know, until the houseguests figured it out. But, hey, it all worked out in the end, because her alliance used it to their advantage and Julia is still there over Clay and Shelli.

2. When She Called Out Austin

Remember that time Julia called out Austin for telling Jason about the twin twist? It proved she isn't afraid to speak her mind, even when it comes to the guy her sister likes. Julia stands her ground, which is an honorable quality.

3. When She Didn't Enter A Showmance

Yeah, super smart move, Julia, unlike your sister who has a huge target on her back now that she and Austin are "official."

4. When She Let Liz Get Her Hands Bloody

When Liz became Head of Household, won the Power of Veto, and got Becky evicted, she got her hands bloody, for sure. As for Julia, she supported her sister, but she wasn't the one who targeted Becky. More on that below.

5. When She Stayed Under The Radar

Don't get me wrong, I like players who aren't afraid to make big moves (ahem, James), but Julia sitting back, relaxing, and going along for the ride isn't all that bad. She's letting Austin and Liz do all the work. Let's face it, if it comes down to these three and the final power falls in the hands of Liz or Julia, the twins will be final two, for sure. Well, let's hope Liz wouldn't choose Austin over her own sister, unlike in that Power of Veto ceremony.

6. When She Used Austin To Her Advantage

I'm not totally convinced Julia likes Austin. I think she's trying to support her sister's "romance," all while sticking with her alliance, aka the Austwins, until she and Liz can get to the final two. Basically, Julia is using Austin to her advantage and when it's time to kick him to the curb, she'll do it happily.

Now, all Julia has to do is keep up the smart game play and make it to the end.

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Image: Screengrab/CBS