When Did Liz Find Out About Austin's Girlfriend? The 'Big Brother 17' Houseguest Has Known For Quite Some Tie

Oh, look at that lovely Big Brother 17 photo. It's just Liztin having the date night where Austin asked Liz to be his girlfriend. *swoon* More like, *gag*. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but I'm so not down with this so-called relationship. First of all, Austin entered the house with a girlfriend and now he's found himself a new girlfriend in Liz. As for Liz, did she always know Austin had a girlfriend? Obviously, now she knows and wasn't thrilled when she got zinged for it. But, when did Liz find out about Austin's girlfriend?

Well, she's known for awhile and before they started a showmance. Some people think Austin should be receiving most of the blame for having TWO girlfriends at once, and I totally agree. His actions suggest to me a lack of respect for women, because he essentially disregarded his pre-Big Brother girlfriend as soon as he spotted Liz. As for Liz, she entered the house single, so she's absolutely allowed to have a showmance. However, seeing as Liz knew Austin had a girlfriend from pretty much the very beginning, well, that's not so cool.

Apparently, at first Liz didn't want to start anything romantic with Austin, because he had a girlfriend. However, Austin revealed he and his girlfriend back home are in an "open relationship" sometime in July and not even a whole month after Big Brother 17 premiered in June. So, Liz knew basically from the start of the show. But if he and his girlfriend truly aren't monogamous with one another, I can't fault Liz for deciding to make their friendship something more.

However, it's pretty convenient that as soon as Austin found out Liz wouldn't go further than flirting with him, he started discussing his "open relationship." Is it true? Based on this letter he allegedly wrote his girlfriend, I'm not so sure. If you ask me, it seems like Austin is playing Liz. The whole situation seems shady is not my cup of tea, but maybe he really does have strong feelings for her.

I applaud Liz for not wanting to have a fling with Austin when she found out about his girlfriend at the beginning. And again, if Austin is indeed an open relationship, then Liz shouldn't be receiving hate for "dating" him.

Whatever the case, I have some advice for Liz as soon as BB17 ends: RUN!

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Image: Screengrab/CBS