'Once Upon A Time' Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Help You Rule Storybrooke

Thankfully, the idea that dressing up for Halloween is just for kids went out the window ages ago. After all, Halloween is basically the best holiday ever, falling just short of Christmas, and putting together an elaborate costume and partying the night away is the way to go. And while scary masks are great and all, sometimes it's even more fun to pretend you're one of your favorite characters from TV, books, and pop culture in general on All Hallows' Eve. If you're obsessed with the likes of Emma Swan or the Evil Queen like I am, you'll definitely want to keep reading, because I'm about to hook you up with the best Once Upon A Time Halloween costume ideas ever (that's a promise).

No matter who your favorite Once character is, there's bound to be a way to dress up like him or her, even if you have to stretch things, a bit. Luckily, our storybook heroes being transported into this realm makes the quest a whole lot easier, because who has the time (or skill) to be sewing palatial gowns and other Enchanted Forest fashions? If you're looking to do something a little creative for Halloween this year and OUAT is your jam, here are a few tips on getting your costume on point.

Regina Mills

This is a difficult one since admittedly, it'd probably be a bit more fun (not to mention recognizable) to dress up like the Evil Queen. But those days are behind her, and if we want to stay super current (which we do), we'll have to be a bit more creative with presenting Storybrooke mayor Regina Mills.

It's hard to find an exact match for any of Regina's jackets (and homegirl has SO MANY JACKETS), but since her grey one is one of my favs and since that seems to be the easiest to track down, why not grab this double-breasted fleece pea coat and get your Evil Queen on?

Paired with a fitted pair of black work pants and some black boots, you basically have the Regina look down. Sure, you might actually look a bit like you're on your way to the office, so if you want to throw in the fairy tale element, grab a wicker basket and some plastic red apples and take them around, offering them with a sly smiles.

Plastic Red Apple, $3, Amazon

Emma Swan

I'm going to be a bit unconventional here and go with Season 5's version of Emma, also known as Dark Swan. This basically requires a lot of leather or faux leather, plus some white temporary hair paint, and a huge chip on your shoulder about having been sent through a tree portal as a baby, only to reluctantly become the Savior 28 years later.

This is another one for which the items you'll need are somewhat simple. While you'll need to get a few yards of black chiffon to stream from the back of you like some evil cape, the asymmetrical jacket and endlessly high stilettos should be easy enough to source if you get on it quickly.

Plastic Dagger, $10, Trendy Halloween

If you really want to commit, you should probably add in a plastic dagger to the mix, though I'd be careful that it's not mistaken for the real thing by anyone when you're out and about showing off your amazing costume skills.


Brenda Soto on YouTube

Mens 1961 Cavalier Doublet Pattern, $18, Amazon

If you're a traditionalist and you want to dress up like Rumple, I totally get it! He's such a fun character and that's a killer costume that would easily be recognizable. That, of course, means it's much harder to put together and will take a lot of work, since you'll have to make most of the elements yourself. Hope you're feeling crafty!

To start with, you'll need a pattern for an old fashioned cavalier doublet, whatever that actually is. You'll also need to grab some faux alligator skin fabric to make it from. An excellent full tutorial for a convincing Rumpel costume can be found here, and there's also one in video form above.

Snow White

Snow White has been Mary Margaret for quite a while, but if "quiet schoolmarm" isn't really your jam, take it back to the Enchanted Forest with a proper costume based on this photo:

For this one, it really is going to be all about the styling. If you can get the Snow White hair and makeup down (think: pale skin with lightly flushed cheeks against the dark, cascading curls), then you'll definitely be able to pull it off. First, however, you'll need to start with a white floor-length dress, which will need some embellishing.

Feather Boa, $5, Block Buster Costumes

You'll also need a feather boa or two to attach around the neck area, and some feathers to place on the bottom part of the dress. A complete, hands-on tutorial can be found on YouTube, of course!

Images: ABC (4); Kohls; Amazon; C21; ThatsPoint; TrendyHalloween