9 'Fantastic Four' Memes & GIFs That Prove Its Stars Are The Future Of Superhero Movies

For fans of the Fantastic Four comics and franchise, the past couple of weeks have been difficult, thanks to its disappointing box office, less-than-stellar reviews from critics, and that now-infamous tweet from Fantastic Four 's director, Josh Trank, which stated his unhappiness with his movie and implied there was some messy behind-the-scenes drama. But there is one silver lining amidst all the chaos: the movie's great cast. What was at one time considered the most controversial thing about the film (for mostly idiotic reasons) actually turned out to be its strongest asset. Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell are all great in their roles as the iconic heroes, and fill the shoes of past Fantastic Four big-screen portrayers quite well. So to celebrate these four talented young actors after the release of their first big hero-centric film, below are nine Fantastic Four GIFs and memes that prove this cast has a future as cinematic superheroes.

Because you know it as well as I do — whether it's in a Fantastic Four sequel or in another franchise entirely, the four stars of this movie are set for long careers as big-screen superheroes. It'll be exciting to see what they have in store.

Michael B. Jordan Has Serious Charisma

In his limited time on screen, it's easy to root for Jordan. He's charming, he's funny, and he's just cocky enough to pull off the young hero with something to prove.

Miles Teller Is A Legit Leading Man

In spite of controversial articles about his personality, the fact remains that Teller is magnetic on screen, and has proven he can carry a movie as its star.

Kate Mara Can Do It All...

As Sue Storm, Mara plays a serious scientist part of the time...

Including Kick Ass

And is incredibly intimidating and powerful the rest of the time, applying her brains and dedication to her training to make herself a serious force to be reckoned with.

Jamie Bell Can Play Against Type

Short and wispy Bell isn't what most fans picture when they think of Ben Grimm, which makes his transformation into the Thing all the more impressive.

The Cast Has the Origin Arc Down

The most tedious part of any superhero movie is the origin story, and this cast managed to go through their first attempt with an equal mix of horror and wonder.

They're Infinitely Better Than the First Fantastic Four Cast

The first Fantastic Four movie from 1994 was made solely so the studio could keep the rights to the property and barely used real actors. Miles Teller is an Oscar contender, Jamie Bell is a BAFTA winner, Michael B. Jordan is a beloved TV star, and Kate Mara killed it on House of Cards. Next.

They Had Great Chemistry With Each Other

Teller and Mara were believable as romantic leads, I bought Bell and Teller as BFFs, and Mara and Jordan absolutely convinced me they were brother and sister.

Most Importantly, They Had Fun With It

There are times throughout the film when the cast is clearly having a blast. And when you're playing a superhero, shouldn't that be the most important thing? Fantastic Four featured some great young talent that gave it their all and didn't disappoint. Here's hoping fans get a chance to see some more of them in the future.

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