21 Tassel Accessories That Are Actually Cool

by Maxine Builder

Considering the whole '70s fashion revival we're experiencing right now, it makes sense that tassel fashion would also be back in a big way. I'm talking those decorative ornaments usually found along the bottom of couches or sewn onto ponchos or stuck to burlesque dancers' ta-tas. This fall, you can find them on everything, from the shoes on your feet to the jewelry on your head.

Tasseled jewelry and accessories are classic boho chic, but that reputation can frighten away those who usually go for a sleeker or preppier style. However, Leandra Medine of Man Repeller has long been an advocate of the power of a well-placed tassel, and she's proved over the years that there's no need to be scared of tassels regardless of your personal taste. There's a tassel-adorned item out there for everyone, in every budget, style, and almost every material, and you don't have to be dressed like Stevie Nicks to make tassels work. (Although if that's your jam, there are definitely tassels for you, too.)

If you need some convincing, here are 21 accessories with tassels for every taste to prove you can rock this trend without looking like you stepped off the tour bus in Almost Famous or are channeling an abandoned vintage velour armchair.

1. Boho Beaded Necklace

White Opal Beaded Necklace with Tassel Pendant, $58, Panacea

Though this necklace is undeniably boho, the subdued gray-blue of the tassel, paired with the stone arrowhead charm and the translucent beads, keeps it from looking like a costume accessory. This simple strand would easily dress up a favorite pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt.

2. Layered Necklace

Women's Multiple Strand Necklace with Shell Disc and Seed Bead Tassel Drops, $13, Target

If having one giant tassel on a necklace still seems too bold for you, try out something with a bunch of little tassels, like this necklace.

3. Mix And Match Tassels

Trendsetting Trio Bracelet Set, $25, ModCloth

Bracelets can have tassels, too, and this bracelet trio from ModCloth is another subtle yet still bohemian way to rock the trend. If you want to make more of a statement on your wrists, add a simple gold cuff to highlight the dainty tassels and the turquoise gems.

4. Tassels On Tassels

Women's Dangle Earrings with Chains and Thread Tassels in Gold/Turquoise, $6, Target

These earrings are a meta, tassels-on-tassels situation, but they avoid becoming overwhelming because both the metal chains and the tassels themselves are relatively thin. Though there's a main metal tassel coupled with the fabric tassels at the bottom, the slimmer profile means they don't stand out too much.

5. Celestial Earrings

Suzywan DELUXE Short Blue Tassel Earrings, $37, ASOS

Not all fabric tassels have to be totally bohemian, as demonstrated by these earrings from Suzywan via ASOS. The baby blue tassels paired with glittery moons give this pair of earrings a distinctly ethereal, almost celestial, feel.

6. Extra Small Tassel

Shashi Tracy Bracelet in Light Rose, $38, Forever 21

Fabric tassels don't have to be huge, and playing with the size of the tassel is an easy way to avoid looking like a couch. This delicate bracelet has a teeny, tiny tassel at the clasp but is otherwise pretty straightforward and a perfect addition to any arm party.

7. Oversized Silk Tassels

Suzywan Deluxe Aurora Silk Tassel Earrings, $35, Nasty Gal

You can also swing entirely in the other direction and get some oversized tassels to adorn your ears. Wear them with your hair down to create a really interesting illusion.

8. Extra Long Tassels

New Look Double Tassel Statement Necklace, $14.50, ASOS

If you're feeling extra bold, try out these extra long tassels. The juxtaposition of these seemingly impossibly long threads with the simple gold choker keep this necklace from looking like a pair of tassels taped on your nipples.

9. Sleek Tassels

Vince Camuto Tassel Cuff Bracelet, $35, Nordstrom

If you avoid fabrics like cotton or silk threads in favor of metal, you definitely won't be mistaken for wearing pieces of your grandma's couch. This sleek cuff proves that tassels don't have to be solely associated with a bohemian vibe either.

10. Metallic Ropes

Ettika Scarf Fringe Necklace, $61, Revolve

This all metal fringe necklace from Ettika is another example of an interesting way to play with materials. Though the chain looks like a rope and the tassels could be fabric, the metal makes the piece a little edgier. It would be great piece to pair with a LBD with a lower neckline.

11. Beaded Knots

Aurora Tassel Lariat, $32, Baublebar

Beaded tassels, like those on this metal rope-inspired chain from BaubleBar, are another fun play on the trend.

12. Suede Tassels

Faux Suede Tassel Earrings, $6, Forever 21

Leather tassels are a nice mix between totally edgy metal and softer, more bohemian, silk or cotton thread.

13. Leather Charms

Leather Double-Tassel Necklace, $55, White House Black Market

These black leather tassels hanging from a simple silver metal chain are a modern twist on a bolero tie and could add interest to a plain white button-up blouse.

14. Tasseled Drop Earrings

Vince Camuto Belle of the Bazaar Tassel Earrings, $11, Lord + Taylor

At first glance, these earring seem like pretty classic drop ones, but the leather tassels at the bottom give them a modern twist.

15. Statement Necklace

River Island Statement Tassel Necklace, $37, ASOS

Tassels don't have to be the centerpiece of your tasseled accessory, as this twisted mass of chains and charms from River Island demonstrates, and can be worked in as one part of a bolder statement necklace. Pairing the black tassels with the chunky gold chains creates some interesting textures that you wouldn't get with a full-on rhinestone necklace.

16. Tasseled Bib

Antigua Tassel Bib Necklace, $24, Baublebar

You can also double down on the embroidery theme by pairing three pink tassels with a gold chain woven with magenta thread and brightly colored string.

17. Crossbody Bag

Flap Cross-Body Bag in Wine, $60, Mango

You can work tassels into your outfit without wearing them on your neck or your ears or your wrists, and the tassels don't have to be totally obvious, like with this wine-colored crossbody bag from Mango. The tassel is basically a keychain paired with a Fendi-inspired fuzzy charm.

18. Messenger Bag

Leather Messenger Bag with Tassels, $40, Zara

A tassel can add visual interest to an otherwise straightforward purse, like this mint green messenger bag from Zara with the adorned clasp at the front. Again, keeping the tassel the same color as the rest of the bag creates texture and visual interest while still looking modern and sleek.

19. Suede Sandals

Steve Madden Sashi in Yellow Suede, $130, Steve Madden

These sandals, though in a bright yellow, follow some of the same rules as that mint green messenger bag from Zara above. They're monochromatic and otherwise a classic shape, which allows the tassel detail to shine without being overwhelming. These heels would be perfect for a night out on the town in a royal blue dress.

20. Adorned Pumps

Roxie Ankle-Cuff Tassel Pumps in Cabernet, $315, J Crew

These pumps are taken to the next level with the detailing on the ankle strap, and definitely take tassels out of the strictly bohemian look.

21. Classic Loafers

Bass Washington Penny Loafer in Karikole Patent, $92-110, Amazon

Perhaps the most classic tassel of all is the tassel on a pair of patent leather loafers. They're perfect for fall, pair well with everything from a pair of jeans to a pencil skirt, and prove that tassels can fit into a preppy wardrobe, too.

See, guys? With tassel accessories, you'll be able to make the '70s trend your own.

Images: Courtesy Brands