Jill Duggar's Bridesmaid's Dresses Weren't Great

Remember this past June when Jill Duggar married Derek Dillard? Well, the 19 Kids and Counting: Jill's Wedding special has finally aired, which means we officially have more deets about the ceremony! I didn't watch, but Samantha Escobar of The Gloss did, and she drew my attention to the bridesmaid dresses Jana and Jinger Duggar were forced to wear. They are bad, even by "floor-length denim skirt" Duggar standards.

I'm not really sure what I was expecting from the couple that registered at Walmart (now that Anthropologie has a wedding registry, I officially trust no one who doesn't make use of it), but after I saw how lovely Jill Duggar's wedding dress was, my hopes for an overall adorable wedding rose. It seems her good taste stopped short after selecting her own duds for the big day, because her bridesmaids' dresses looked like something at the back of the H&M sales rack. The baby blue frocks were short sleeved, cotton eyelet, and — worst of all — accessorized with brown belts.

Here's the thing — I am zero percent shaming the Duggar fam for wanting to save money on this wedding. If I had 19 kids (and counting) that I hoped to marry off someday, you bet I'd be cutting coupons and hunting down bargain formalwear like a fiend. However, there are tons of places that sell significantly less offensive occasion dresses on the cheap. Delia*s, for instance! If all the Duggar children bought pale pink tulle bridesmaid dresses from Delia*s, they would probably single-handedly rescue the brand from obscurity, and look adorbs while doing it.

But noooooo. They decided on BROWN BELTS instead.