Dress Up Your Wall With A No-Sew Quote Banner

Whether you're living in a dorm, or trying to be a real person in a new apartment, decorating isn't easy on the wallet. Trust me, I know all about that life. Yet, it's also a necessity if you want to feel sane and welcome in your own home. Decor doesn't just spice things up — it makes a place feel like it's yours. This easy DIY quote banner is exactly what you need to add a little personality to boring, blank walls.

OK, so maybe many of us feel like we give away our paychecks to that person we call a landlord... I get that. But hey, it's even more of a reason to decorate the heck out of life. It's the best way to embellish your living space with your personality. In my case, there's a lot of sarcasm, sassiness, and dry humor involved. Oh, and caffeine. This brings me to my next point.

When I thought of this project, the first quote that came to me was "Death To Decaf." I mean, seriously, what is it with decaf? It's something I'll never comprehend (and I'm not afraid to show it). Obviously, you can ignore everything I'm saying, and choose a quote that means something to you... Reach For The Stars. Do What You Love. Bacon.

Choosing your favorite statement is half the battle. This project requires zero sewing skills, and can be made in an afternoon. Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself, right this way.


- Canvas - Fabric scissors- Crafty glue- 2" letter stickers- Hot glue gun- 12" wooden dowel- Leather cord (yarn, string, or twine also works great)

For this project, I started with a 9x16" segment of canvas. The finished banner is 9x12."

Don't know where to find large letter stickers? Check out the scrap book section of your local craft store.


1. Adhere the letters to the canvas, spelling out your favorite quote. Your best bet is to keep it short and sweet. However, the awesome part about this project is that you can adjust the size accordingly; simply use a longer segment of canvas for more room.

Here's a tip: Start with the middle letter of odd-numbered words. This will help you make sure everything is centered and symmetrical. On my banner, I started with the "A" in the first word.

If you're into the unsymmetrical and uneven look, skip that last tip. You do you, girl.

2. There's a good chance your letters will begin to curl. This is typical for stickers on fabric. To keep everything in place, dab some glue on the back side of each letter. Focus on the edges; they're more likely to curl.

Don't get too crazy with the glue, though. A little dab will do ya!

3. Turn the canvas over. Place the wooden dowel across the top, one inch below the top. Add hot glue directly underneath the dowel, across the width of the canvas.

Use caution when handling a hot glue gun. That glue can get real hot!

4. Fold over the top edge of the canvas, placing it on the glue. Press down to secure.

5. Optional: To create a decorative bottom, grab a pencil and ruler. Place the ruler across the width of the canvas, and find the center point. From that point, draw diagonal lines connecting to the outer edges of the canvas. The lines should be the same length.

6. Optional: Cut along the lines. This technique adds a quintessential banner look to your creation.

7. Cut a long strand of leather cord.

8. Tie a triple knot at one end of the wooden dowel.

9. Tie the opposite end of the leather cord to the other end of the dowel. Make sure those knots are tight. Trim away the excess cord.

Done and done! See, that wasn't too bad. Brush yo' shoulders off, and go hang up your new creation.

Images: Kirsten Nunez