How To Dress Like The 'Edward Scissorhands' Cast

Edward Scissorhands is one of my all-time favorite films. This could be down to the iconic director Tim Burton, the fabulous casting choices, or the whimsical Edward Scissorhands fashion. The whole movie is a magical wonderland filled with the haunting undertones of an old fashioned fairytale.

In terms of style, Edward Scissorhands is a feast for the eyes. It features Edward's gothic ensemble, which jars against his rainbow-clothed neighbors. Then there are the wholesome, verging-on-vintage fashions of Winona Ryder's character Kim. Let's not forget about the sumptuous set design as well, including a Frankenstein style castle and a picture perfect, pastel hued suburbia. It's no wonder this movie has been a cult favorite for 15 years.

Tim Burton's famously dark styling touches shine eerily through and juxtapose cleverly against the pretty, bright colors within the movie. They are seen in obvious aspects like Edward's scarred face and, of course, his razor sharp fingers, right down to more subtle details such as the bright red blood splattered on Kim's pristine, white dress.

If looking ethereally eerie or channeling your inner gothic prep seem like the sartorial choices you've been dying to make, then take style notes from Tim Burton and the eccentric fashions of Edward Scissorhands.

Peg's Purple Two-Piece

Peg is such a lovely woman who always tries to see the best in everyone. She was basically Edward's savior, considering she took him under her wing and let him stay with her family. Peg is a phenomenal judge of character, although her workwear (for her job as an Avon lady) could do with an upgrade.

You can give Peg's dated, purple suit a reboot with this awesome '90s style suit. Pair it with tights and some Mary Jane's and you'll have a trendy new work outfit.

'90s Lilac Two Piece Outfit, $100,

If you are wearing your suit to a more formal occasion, pick a purple pillbox such as this simply sophisticated felt style to complete your look.

Fascinator Felt Pillbox Purple, $149,

The Edward Jacket

Edward is arguably one of the most wonderful yet misunderstood protagonists of all time. His inventor passed away before he could finish him, and unfortunately this meant he hadn't fitted Edward's hands. Edward is a truly gentle being who doesn't wish to hurt anyone, but because of his sharp fingers, he sadly finds it very difficult to get close to people and sometimes he accidentally hurts them. You can steal Edward's gothic inspired, steampunk-like style to make a real fashion statement this autumn.

Why not buckle up in this corset and jacket combo, which is available in sizes S to 5XL?

S-Lady Women's Steampunk Corset With Sleeveless Jacket, $39.99,

Give your outfit more of a military edge with this chic buttoned up sleeveless jacket.

Machine Birdcage Steampunk Dandy Slitting Sleeves & Bottom Doublet Jacket, $93.25,

Or keep it casual with a tuxedo style, studded biker jacket to emulate Edward this fall.

Fanala Sharp Studded Shoulder Lapel Denim Jeans Tuxedo Blazer Jacket, $49.99-81.81,

The Multicolored Seussian Housewife Attire

Much like The Heathers, these ladies each wear a specific shade and when grouped together they look like a rainbow-colored walking wardrobe. Their clothes contrast greatly to Edward's monochrome garments and they appear garish and almost intrusive — much like their personalities. Think neon brights, plastic jewelry, and Dr. Seuss inspired hairstyles and you'll have their look down to a T.

This bright blue hue paired with a silky, satin material makes for a decadent day dress.

Truly You Straight Bardot Satin Prom Dress, $86,

Who wants to be coy when you can look fabulously feminine in this fuchsia frock?

Truly You Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress With Knot Front, $58,

Make your neighbors green with envy in this lime green lace dress.

Sally Lace Prom Dress, $14,

Accessories Inspired By Edward's Garden

Edward is an incredibly talented gardener and it is a field in which he can put his scissor hands to good use; he is also skilled at hairdressing and ice sculpting. If you wish to make a subtle reference to Edward and his artistic hobby, check out these green-fingered picks.

You can go retro with this awesome, leafy necklace that makes a nod towards Edward's prowess in pruning.

Classic Hardware Retrolite Double Leaf Necklace, $38,

Be inspired by Tim Burton's dark style and choose an autumnal floral headband in monochrome shades.

Shella Headband In Black, approx. $46,

Keep your pop culture references subtle with this sweet scissor brooch.

Scissor Brooch, $24.67,

Kim's Vintage Style Gown

Kim was a little unsure of Edward at first (well, wouldn't you be if you found a scissor-handed stranger tucked up in your bed one night?), but like her mother, she too saw the goodness in him. Kim is seen here in a gorgeous, vintage style gown as she runs to aid Edward at the climax of the movie.

Become a total Marilyn in this feminine, 1950s style frock.

Classic Vintage Off Shoulder Skater Dress, $13.99-19.99,

Are you ready to get whimsical, suburban style with a Tim Burton twist this fall?

Images: 20th Century FOX; Giphy (7); Courtesy Brands